WR ContactForm 1.1.0 released

Dear beloved friends,

We are glad to announce the official release of WR ContactForm 1.1.0 on October 2nd.

Our WooRockets team expects that you will have a good experience using WR ContactForm 1.1.0. This plugin is highly recommended for its intuitive and highly user experience focused features: clean, responsive, drag-and-drop interface, various form options, easy configuration, no coding required, allowing a custom-built look and easy developer deployment as well as many more features.

System requires WordPress version 3.8 or higher.



Overview of WR ContactForm’s Features

WR ContactForm Elements


Drag and Drop Management


WR ContactForm makes it easy to create your desired form using a drag and drop interface. Don’t worry about the misleading order of form fields, with just a few simple drag and drop steps, you now have the ideal form you want.

Multi-column and Pages Form

This great feature helps to divide your form into columns and pages depending on the length of your form. You are free to create as many pages and columns as want – no page or column limitations.

Form Entry Storage

WR ContactForm automatically stores form entries, so you can totally manage all form entries. This version also allows you to extract the data for further form submissions study.

Easy Customization

Form Action Setting

Creating your form has never been easier. We provide you with tons of flexible customization for your form: form type, layout, style, etc.

Strong Anti-spam Mechanism

Worry no more about spam or hackers: WR ContactForm helps you to prevent spam using our CAPTCHA system. All you have to do is let your clients fill in our reCAPTCHA system to protect your site.

Email Notification System

A real-time email notification system helps you enhance your website’s responsiveness. By getting automatic notifications, you are able to provide timely support to your customers, and therefore enhance your company’s reputation.



What’s New in WR ContactForm 1.1.0?

MailChimp Service Integration

Image Credit: Flickr

Our WooRockets team has been continuously striving to meet your needs and improve the quality of our products. We have developed MailChimp Service Integration to help your forms be submitted to your MailChimp list. In detail, everytime your visitor submits a survey form or a contact form, all the form content, including the sender’s name, email address, and their messages will be submitted to and saved in MailChimp List.

MailChimp integrates with the WR ContactForm plugin, so you can easily sync data, import contact lists from other sites, and get frequent reports on how your online forms are impacting your business.


Plugin Summary

With MailChimp Service Integration added, together with other features, we believe that WR ContactForm 1.1.0 will be a helpful tool for WordPress users.

Start downloading this FREE plugin on WordPress.org, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us by leaving your comments below. We do hope to get more valuable feedback from you to improve our products and services.


Stay tuned for more products from WooRockets in the coming time!

by Xuan Pham

I'm a freelancer and copywriter. I love exploring new aspects of the world and experiencing different lifestyle. Feel free to keep in touch with me by leaving your comments below. Thanks :)

3 thoughts on “WR ContactForm 1.1.0 released”

  1. eech says:

    OK I see, thank you for precisions !

  2. eech says:

    Where can I find this plugin? It is not found!
    Thank you for your help 🙂

    1. tonywr says:

      It’s temporary unpublished from WordPress repository. We’re updating it and release soon. Please stay tuned via our Twitter channel.

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