WordPress Translation plugins for WooCommerce website. Which one is right for you?

According to statistics of 2015, WordPress holds the largest share of the market in CMS (58.7%), while its closest competitor Joomla falls far behind (6.3%). With such huge demographic, will the default language English ensure 100% usability and satisfaction? Therefore, WordPress translation is the key to bringing your site to the world.

Translation can either mean converting the language of your theme and plugins to your local one or creating a multilingual website. Both options can be done very simply by these following plugins. Let’s dive into the world of WordPress translation now!

Get A Translation-ready Theme

First thing first, you should make sure the theme is translation-ready by deliberately looking for them in the first place or contact the theme developers. Click here to read more about translation-ready themes; it’s quite an advanced topic.

If you intend to use languages other than English, you can search for themes using the “translation-ready” keywords. Don’t worry, there are a lot free and premium choices. But to save the time, look no further, you can check out our Nitro – Premium WooCommerce Theme now!You can translate WordPress website with Nitro easily (since version 1.0.4) because it has ready to use PO language file. Just install any 3rd party plugins below to execute the process.

If you have got a translatable theme already, let’s get down to business. You can either directly edit the theme POT file or utilize a WordPress translation plugin.

Method 1: Poedit WordPress Translation

wordpress translation poedit

This method involves editing the file contains all text available for translation in your theme folder, which comes with the extension .pot. After locating the file, you’ll want to use Poedit – a program compatible withMac OS X, Windows, and UNIX/Linux. Upon finishing, you can upload your theme onto WordPress with new language options for maximum usability.

To read more about WordPress translation using Poedit, click here.

Method 2: WordPress Translation Plugins

Offline translation usually has to do with source codes and system files, what an inconvenient! Furthermore, you’ll have to re-upload the whole theme folder each time. Nobody’s got time for that! Therefore, we are introducing some helpful plugins that can make your life so much easier with everything done online and on-site:

For Theme Translation: Loco Translate (free)

Loco is a free-but-powerful WordPress translation plugin, providing you with an in-browser editing tool for translation-ready themes. Using Loco, you can also convert language for other plugins, especially WooCommerce, add new or customize existing language packages, and see the live changes within a few clicks.

wordpress translation plugin loco

Features include:

  • Built-in editor in WordPress Dashboard
  • Create and update language files directly in your theme or plugin
  • Extract and translate strings from source code

For Multilingual Site: Polylang and WPML

Another choice is to create a multilingual site. Making a multilingual site means to translate the content, widgets, menus, etc. of your WordPress site into the desired languages. After translating, you can add a language switcher widget to your site in the Admin Dashboard, as following in our Nitro theme:

wordpress translation nitro

You can even combine it with Loco and have the whole package translated!

Polylang (free)

Polylang is currently one of the most popular plugins for this function. Noted for its simple usage, it helps you write posts and pages as usual, and then define the language for each of them.

Polylang is commonly used with Loco to translate themes and plugins. Furthermore, it also has a Pro and a WooCommerce option with premium features and support.

wordpress translation plugin polylang

Features include:

  • Translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags
  • Translate menus and widgets
  • Use subdirectories, subdomains or separate domains

WPML (from $29)

When it comes to a language solution for your WordPress page, WPML will be one of the first names to come up. In other words, WPML has got the best of both worlds. Firstly, it is similar to Polylang as a content translation tool, only more powerful. Secondly, WPML also lets you works on themes and plugins just like Loco.

wordpress translation wpml

WPML comes in three pricing packages, starting from $29. While it is a costly solution, WPML is an effective one. With 400,000 sites running on the plugin, you can expect whole-package functionality and premium support.


With the recommendations above, you will see that WordPress translation is just a walk in the park. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment below!

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