Best WordPress Themes Black Friday Deals of 2016 (save up to 69%!)

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The Black Friday 2016 is happening everywhere around the world. We bet that a power WordPress user like you are seeking some best-valued WordPress themes Black Friday deals for your current or upcoming projects. So what’s the best option for you in this crazy shopping period? In this article, we will provide you a good deal which can save you $275 and bring you unlimited functional designs and features.

(Hint: this WordPress Themes Black Friday deal is 20% discounted than any other ThemeForest Black Friday deals!)


What are WordPress themes Black Friday deals?

The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s in the US as the day following Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday also marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season. While red indicates profit loss, “black” refers to the high peak sale season when accountants have to notebills by hand.

A unique point of this super discount period is that the products and services’ prices get down insanely. Some shop owners can even sell items with low price with no profit. And there are many early birds who wait in front of shopping malls from 5:00 A.M. (and even earlier!) to get the best deals.

Black Friday, therefore, becomes the best time of the year for shopping with great deals.

For WordPress users, Black Friday is also a golden time of the year to seek coupons, discounts, and deals for the WordPress themes and plugins for which they are yearning. They can get the themes and plugins for their work, or save for future projects. Everyone in the WordPress world usually gets at least one new theme and plugin in this time of the year. The price for a WordPress theme in Black Friday can eventually get down to 70%. All Black Friday WordPress deals are too sweet to resist!


The best WordPress Themes Black Friday Deal for you (discount 20% more than ThemeForest)

The worldwide most well-known marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins, ThemeForest, is running Black Friday for 100 selected items, including 40 WordPress items and 10 eCommerce items. All these items are applied 50% discount for a single regular license.

Unlike all WordPress themes in the ThemeForest Black Friday, we provide our own Black Friday WordPress deals with 2 price cut phases only for you – the lucky one who is reading this blog post:

  • 69% OFF for the first 03 days (*). Only $19$59 (best valued)
  • 50% OFF for 04 following days.(**). Only 29 $59


We still follow the timing of ThemeForest Black Friday program, but the discount will be 20% higher than ANY other items on ThemeForest Black Friday. That means you have a great chance to get the best deal ever for a WordPress theme. We bet this is also the biggest deal for all WordPress themes ever in 2016.

So, with only $19 for such an alluring Black Friday WordPress discount like this, what will you receive?


What will you get in this Black Friday WordPress deal?

Let’s see what are inside this ultimate deal.


20+ niche demos for various eCommerce niches

Including general fashion, fashion for women, fashion for men, digital download, organic food, etc. There will be up to 3+ more niche demos per month with FREE updates. We pack all these niche demos with essential design layouts, header templates, and banner packages. Moreover, you can get the design of one, several, or all pages on any niche on your site. This super flexibility helps you get whatever you want for your eCommerce store.


digital download for wordpress themes black fridayimage01




16 core eCommerce features

This WordPress Themes Black Friday package contains all eCommerce features that have been using in real eCommerce websites. We define essential features for each niche demo based on detailed researches.

  • Size guide on both product detail page and quick view mode on product category/product list
  • Advanced attributes with 3 product variation styles: color picker, text label, image
  • Advanced product filters-the must-have feature for an excelling fashion eCommerce WordPress theme.
  • Any header is made possible with the built-in drag & drop Header Builder, including 10 mostly used elements for an eCommerce site like “search,” “menu,” “top promotion bar,” etc. Don’t have time for creating a brand new header? Don’t worry. We have made 15+ header templates for you!
  • Powerful Live Customizer helps you personalize any section on your site, from the global look, page layout, shop, and even footer. Moreover, unlike any other WordPress eCommerce themes on the market, the Nitro’s Customizer has Live Search for any section right on the Customizer, which helps save x2 your time



200 Free PSD Layered Files (cost $120)

A complete PSD collection of all design layouts and elements, allowing you to customize the Nitro in your way. FREE included exclusively for all Nitro users.


6 best-selling WordPress plugins for eCommerce (cost $155)

We made these following WordPress plugins free included with no license activation for you:


1-on-1 support (include weekend support)

Forget forum support! We are delivering customer support via Intercom chat box, which is more friendly and x2 faster. We promise to reply all support tickets under 6 hours.

There are many other magics to talk about, but one thing for sure that you got everything that I have mentioned above today (and a lot more to come)…


19$ ($59)


(Or regret later!)


  • (*) (*) The first discount with 69% off is valid from 23rd to 25th November, 11:59 P.M. AEDT
  • (**) (**) The second discount with 50% off is valid from 26th to 30th November, 2:00 P.M. AEDT


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