WordPress SEO Tips to Save the Days

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has played a crucial part in web administration, especially in improving website ranking. Do you think you are doing it right? For what it’s worth, let’s have a look at our tips; they may save the day.

First thing first, say no to default

1. Blog title and tagline

“Just another WordPress site” c’mon people, don’t be that lazy! Put something smart on the tagline to describe what your website is about!

What to do (RIGHT NOW!): Settings > General > Tagline.

2. Permalinks

A fatal mistake you should never make is keeping the default permalinks. http://www.woorockets.com/blog/?p=12/ is not an efficient URL structure for SEO; while http://www.woorockets.com/blog/wordpress-seo-tips-to-save-the-day is way better because it is friendly to Google, and your audiences can easily tell what your content is about by looking at your URLs.

What to do: go to Settings > Permalinks and choose what best describes you.

We advise you to use the setting Post Name (/%postname%/) for best practice.

Also notice of the slug if your blog title is too long. Some WordPress SEO may clean up the permalinks for you, but sometimes you should do it manually.A URL such as http://www.woorockets.com/blog/wordpress-seo-tips always works best; it is clear, simple, and easy to remember.

What to do: Enter the slug under your blog title in edit screen.

3. Default contents

Admit it, the default blog post “Hello World” doesn’t harm anyone (I personally love it to start a new blog). Nevertheless, it doesn’t create a good impression for your audiences, so “Hello World” and “Sample Page” should be cleaned out before the website goes public.

Another thing to remember: the Uncategorized category. Remove or change the name (and slug also) to the category you think it would be the most popular.

What to do: go to Posts -> Categories.

4. Media name (Yes, you can tell I am not a fan of default.) A relevant media name could improve your WordPress SEO a lot when it appears in the search engine. Renaming the media after the blog title is recommended.

What to do: Rename the file, and make sure you check its title and Alt text.

Small tasks, big result

1. Tag and Categories

“Don’t go tag and ‘cat’ crazy”; that’s what I always think to myself. A recommended number is 5 to 7 top-level categories, and no more than 2 categories and 3 tags per blog post. Show your audiences that your website and posts are focused on a particular topic.

2. XML Sitemap

A sitemap is essential for a good SEO; it’s just like the table of contents of a book. It helps Google do the task easier and quicker without missing any content. Spend less than 5 minutes with a Google Sitemap plugin to create your sitemap; it’s a piece of cake.

Google Authorship a must

Is this the first time you’ve heard of it? Well, an author box could be more familiar to you. When you do a search on Google and see somebody’s picture alongside the search results, that is known as Google authorship. For me it’s really cool to have one.

What to do: authorize your Google Authorship with your Google+ account. After that, set up Google Authorship on your website by manually adding this to your post’s source code (replace the link with your author’s Google+ profile). <a href=" https://plus.google.com/102689818046113253732 rel=author">WooRockets</a> Or you can use an SEO plugin ;).

Too lazy? Use a WordPress SEO Plugin (yay!)

A plugin to handle SEO for your WordPress website is recommended to not only lazy webmasters but also to almost everyone. Some free plugins work like a charm, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast (which is what we are using),orAll in One SEO Pack, to name but two. This kind of plugin helps you optimize your content and check your SEO status.

Wrapping Up

I hope these little WordPress SEO tips can help you improve your website ranking. If you have any other helpful tips, let us know by commenting below, and don’t forget to spread the knowledge!

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