What is Missing From Your WordPress Demo Website That is Losing You Sales?

A startling truth: you are letting potential customers slip through your fingers right there on your product’s demo website.

You don’t get why?

It’s time to revise your WordPress demo website a little. You have great WordPress themes and plugins. Your marketing effort has been good enough to attract people to visit your product page and click “View Demo”. This is where you have already prepared a stunning WordPress & WooCommerce showcase to “wow” any visitors.

That’s the point where visitors become potential customers. Your only job here is to make your product convincing enough for them to click “Purchase” and become actual customers.

However, it isn’t that simple. You can’t just bring all your product’s content and design to your demo, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and then watch the sales fly up by themselves. Well, you may still sell, but the number is not as high as you expected. Or let’s say you have a very magnetic demo site so the number of sales is totally satisfying. Are you sure you’re fine with it? Are your customers fine with it?

You know what? You can unlock even more sales. There’s no great secret behind this, but it’s something I bet many WordPress developers and designers have never given a go before: letting your demo users have a chance to fully experience your WordPress themes or WordPress plugins for real before buying. I mean it, for real.

Let’s put it in a shorter way: your WordPress demo websites need a better user experience (UX).

UX is essential to your WordPress product demo!

Don’t be scared of “user experience”. The term might sound like a buzzy word but it does show you the demand in the market right now. It’s an undeniable fact that many WordPress (WooCommerce) themes providers have demo users who ask for back-end access to test the demo before taking out their credit card.

And, there are many cases when people buy a theme or plugin and then find out it’s not that great, or simply not what they really need. Not only does this waste a certain amount of your time to support those customers, but it also decreases your sales due to refunds, or worse, it means you have unhappy customers.

That is to say, UX in your demo websites that I’m talking about here doesn’t necessarily have to be within the design, but in how you deliver your product’s real values to your potential customers. This is highly needed because you guys, WordPress providers out there, are now forced to compete with not only well-designed products (at which you’re excellent already). You are now competing with others by how closer you can bring the benefits of your products to potential customers.

By focusing on making people “feel” your WordPress themes and WordPress plugins as well as the way it works, you are able to better remain relevant and retain customer loyalty. Why do I say so?

This kind of “user experience” isn’t driven by the product’s specific features or design, but it lies in expanding the experience of how your potential customers might use your WordPress products.Not only does your product need to be great and well-presented on your demo websites, but also the entire experience of interacting with it needs to be satisfying. Once you can give that to your all to your demo users, they’ll just trust you and stick with you. Everyone loves an honest brand.

Obviously, your demo users have the right to test if your products are smart, beautiful and work perfectly. And the thread that ties these disciplines together is UX. That’s why it is a part of the keystone of your brand’s essence. What you need to do is to become better at understanding and anticipating your customer needs and satisfying them before the customer takes action. Let them be proactive in having experience with your products.

Look at your WordPress product demo website! It’s time to remove friction from customer journeys.

That’s why WP Demo Builder is the solution that you’ll love

You already have great WordPress / WooCommerce themes and plugins. You already have a demo website. Then let WP Demo Builder close the sales for you.

WP Demo Builder is the holistic solution to help you create your product demo the way it deserves. It is the first and the only robust Service for you to give your customers the ability to have their own copy of your product demo website instantly. With this tool, potential customers can do everything with your product, come to know it, love it and actually go buy it from you.

Okay, no more walking around. How does WP Demo Builder do what it does?

For your demo users, WP Demo Builder allows them to create a totally new WordPress website on our hosting with your product. Your potential customers then can experience your WordPress themes or plugins in a personal environment which is just the same as your demo website. So, they are free to customize everything they want without having a conflict with other demo users or affecting your original demo website.

Your users also can install another themes or plugins in their own demo environment to test. Yes, user experience boils down to this level it’s like working on a real website. One plus is that users can customize until they are satisfied and then export everything to a quick start package so that they can continue deploying your product later. Do you worry about security when WP Demo Builder grants your users too much access? There’s no need to. Everything is under control and your demo website as well as your product is always safe and sound.

WP Demo Builder User Dashboard

For you, WordPress theme and plugin developers, installing and setting up WP Demo Builder is really quick and simple just like installing a WordPress plugin. It’s just a few clicks away to moving your demo to the WP Demo Builder server. Everything you need to control is gathered neatly in your Dashboard, from your demo user’s information to your demo websites and other settings.

This tool is not only profitable and efficient for WordPress theme/plugin providers, web agencies or freelancers can also utilize it to generate a demo version of a website for their customers to verify before closing the project.

That’s the value WP Demo Builder brings you: a painless user experience for both WordPress providers and their demo users.

Wanna see all by yourself?

It’s the new horizon for WordPress demo websites that will forever change your business

In the past, we used to create great customer experience by presenting our product’s information and functionality to customers in a usable, efficient, and enjoyable manner. But now that’s not enough. Closing the gap between problem and solution and changing the user’s primary interaction with a product even before purchasing are becoming the utmost way to boost up your sales.

A new era has started, I can tell. With WP Demo Builder and similar tools as the trigger, it’s time for customers get what they really need more quickly and precisely. They can buy when they are truly satisfied, so there’s no need for a refund. It’s also time for WordPress developers to be honest and build better products for the community. Looking beyond the product to the broader experiences now creates a new horizon for WordPress provider’s businesses to grow.

Updates by 7 December 2016

WP DemoBuilder project is on hold now and running on the private beta mode exclusively with Nitro WooCommerce theme. With this great feature, you can create WordPress with installed WooCommerce website demo site within minutes and have any 21+ ready eCommerce niche demos from Nitro theme. This function is the excellent opportunity to access to the back – end of the theme itself and test drive its features with WordPress plugins compatibility. Let’s take the real case study how it’s used with Nitro.

On the Nitro landing page, there is a quick video tour describing how Nitro WordPress Theme Customizer is integrated within WordPress. The shopper might be interested in playing with this feature by himself and testing drive whether it works as he expected. It’s obvious that we want to try before buy, isn’t it? Then WP Demo Builder gives this opportunity to the shopper. It’s both win-win situations when the theme provider wants to showcase its product UX and for the shopper to give a try.

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