The Rise of WordPress Multipurpose Theme – Why You Must Have ONE?

I will tell you one thing: most of the popular themes nowadays are multi-purpose themes. They are all able to serve your every need, even when they may be specialized for either a portfolio showcase or e-commerce.

You may ask why, but isn’t the answer so simple? Who doesn’t love to have everything in one pack?

So here is a question, which is not obvious: what does a multipurpose theme includes that make it so trendy? Let’s look at the anatomy of ONE as an example and see!

Responsive Design

In order to serve different types of devices, a responsive design is a must. Your customers don’t just browse your website on their desktop, but on their mobile devices too!

A beautiful layout may look ugly on a phone if you don’t customize it. See how wonderful ONE looks on every device.


Different layouts and styles

Okay how can a theme be called multi-purpose with only one layout?

Well it’s not a ‘rule’ that a theme should have several styles, but the more it has the better it is right?

With a multi-purpose theme, you can have a beautiful WooCommerce shop, because WooCommerce is such a big deal right now! E-commerce has boomed in the last couple of years, and who doesn’t want an attractive online shop or a professional business profile for a serious business?

multipurpose theme - why you must have ONE 3

All-in-one. You don’t have to worry about inconsistency on your website anymore; every component mixes well together to serve up the best visual party.

As for ONE, there are stunning layouts for e-commerce shops, businesses, portfolio showcases and even for blogging. That’s how a multi-purpose theme works!

Catch up with technology development

Sounds a bit big huh? In web development, we are working day and night to provide the best user experience and to be able to catch up with the latest techie development. For example, retina-display might have been too much last year, but today it’s nothing but a must for a WordPress theme. HTML5 and CSS3 provide many opportunities for web designers and developers, hence more and more world-class themes have been created.

If you are wondering about which theme to choose, go for the most up-to-date one: retina-display, parallax design, HTML5, etc. Good news: ONE gets it right. Again, all-in-one package.



Most of the themes come with one or two add-ins for free. This kind of bundle completes the look and functionality without costing you more money. Some good names for you to consider when purchasing a theme: Slide Revolution, Page Builder and Form Builder.


I know you might be confused by all of the made-in-heaven functions above. Are they difficult to use? Don’t worry, a good multi-purpose theme should provide all of these functions in an easy to use way for its user. For ONE as an example, we believe that simple is the best. All our stunning features come with a click or two very easy to set up, comfortable to use.


I know this short article cannot sum up all the great features of all the multipurpose themes out there, but I can confidently tell you that ONE is the one you should definitely consider when it comes to a multi-purpose theme. Why don’t you give it a try and tell us what you think?

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