Why WordPress Front-End Editor Is NOT A Good Choice

As some of you may know, WordPress 4.0 introduces the next big thing called Front End Editing. Being a lazy blog writer, I’m gonna say HOORAY! How wonderful it is to edit whatever whenever and almost wherever you want!

But wait a minute… you want a front end editing (FEE) page builder? It’s cool to have? Oh my dear friend, I am afraid that the answer is somewhere between NOT REALLY and NOPE. Despite all of its handy benefits, FEE could be a fatal for a page builder plugin. Still not be convinced? Let me show you some evidences, and you’d better brace yourself.

Say Hello to a big distraction

Creating content in a separate interface is very thoughtful; being able to change the look without any impact on the content was critical to WordPress’s success. I am a writer, I don’t code (well I do but I’d rather not to) so that’s why I use WordPress to minimize that nerve-wrecking job. All I love to do is writing and writing. I trust my theme provider with my website’s beautiful look.

A blog writer should focus solely on the content, and you can’t have a distraction-free writing interface on the front-end because the front-end itself is a distraction. Got it?

Say Hello to a design disaster

I know the feeling of finally having a perfect look for your WordPress website. It is such a completion. With FEE, you can just build it yourself easily. Isn’t it so cool? You put this header here, oh it should be in a bigger font; how about changing the footer’s color into blue? Yellow works for the link. Oh because I am a girl so I need a touch of pink here and there. Summer is so nice, why don’t we have a sun in the middle of the blog?

(The scene continues for a couple of hours.)

If I am lucky, my website will turn out fine. If not, as most of the time, it could be a disaster. The fact that you can add this delete that right when you see them is kind of dangerous. Why? Most of us are not designers, some of us are coders, and some of us are just writers. When we edit at the front end, somehow we are destroying the general look. FEE fools us that we can design. Don’t fall into that trap. If you are not sure what CSS line you are changing, stick with the original.

Say Farewell to sophisticated design

FEE could sound nice, but it’s not unlimited. If your website is rather simple, and doesn’t include many elements, then FEE would do the trick.

However when it comes to a big website with, let’s say two sidebars and 2 widgets, it’s getting more complicated. Even adding a character requires a thorough measure, otherwise your widgets will be overlapped and everything is messed up.

Tickets like this happen all the time

You have no control on other plugins, because they are not support by your FEE page builder. You love a slideshow? Forget it, you won’t have it because it’s not compatible with the FEE page builder. Your lovely WooCommerce? I should warn you, fixing a typo may cause your store to be broken.

… Or tickets like this…

The reason is when you do FEE, you intervene with the JavaScript and CSS code of the theme itself and other plugins. Your action conflicts with how everything is displayed, from the margin, font size to the function.

That’s why even the big names of FEE page builder plugins still don’t support 3rd-party-elements. For instance, DMS only provides certain elements to add to your page. Your option is narrowed down to reduce the risk of incompatibility.

Another example, MotoPress. Good plugin, I admit. I just wish it could be just a little bit faster, I mean much faster. Every time I start editing something on the front end, the whole system loads very slowly. It feels like decades.

Say Farewell (temporarily) to FEE Page Builder Plugins

I have to say that FEE is too tempting to have, but with what the market has in store today, I am not satisfied. It’s undeniable that FEE will be the next big thing, but in the meantime I prefer sticking to my old friend back-end editor, so reliable and easy to do everything. A piece of advice: you can totally trust our IG PageBuilder plugin, old technology: back-end editing, but it never fails you. New technology is nothing if it only brings you trouble, isn’t it?

Knowing any other plugins? Let me know at the comment section down below, I am still on my quest of searching for the perfect FEE page builder to save my lazy writer soul.

by Chau Cao

Chau is an ordinary person who occasionally has extraordinary thoughts. People often find her innovative, helpful and knowledgeable but most of the time, weird. Deep down she is just an introvert sarcastic foodaholic with a big heart (and stomach) and an open mind. Chau loves writing as much as spending a rainy afternoon with her cat and a cup of tea.

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