There’s Only One WordPress Demo Solution You Really Need

In this cold, hard, e-commercial market, the winner is the one who gives their customers what they need in the easiest and most satisfying way.

For WordPress theme/plugin developers, web agencies, WordPress teachers there’s always a need to present your products to the world. By “products” I mean WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, a ready-to-go WordPress website, or a series of WordPress tutorials and lessons, etc. The medium for presenting your products is what you call a “product demo website”.

People visit your demo website to find the answers for their needs. But I bet you haven’t given them what they need – yet. You think the cotton-candy demo website is enough? You’re like “I don’t mind” with all those tiring tasks for keeping your demo site updated and consistent? I don’t think so.

After reading this article, you’ll know what you really need to improve in your WordPress product demo and how to convert potential customers better. And you don’t have to face those difficulties with the demo stuffs any longer. Because you have this one ultimate solution, you don’t have to go anywhere or choose anything else.

It’s used to be our problem

Here is a true story, from WooRockets developer team.

You know about our ONE theme the ultimate multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme, right? We spent days and nights to build the awesome theme with a gorgeous demo. We thought it’s enough. Now we just have to focus on other things and let the world know about ONE.

But then, when we let some volunteers to join our beta testing, they got us at:

“Can I try really it without downloading the theme to my local?”

Then came another one:

“Does your theme really support this function? I wonder how it will look like if I could play with it by myself”.

There are more, actually. And that started to make us re-think about our demo: did we really do a good job there?

Is there any way to improve ONE’s demo to make the volunteers as well as prospective customers try it and love it like we do?

Ringing in: WP Demo Builder

We got WP Demo Builder recommended right by one of our dedicated volunteers. And we don’t regret choosing it.

The name tells you what it does.

WP Demo Builder is the first and only WordPress demo service to help your demo users truly experience your product. The solution it provides is to give your customers the ability to have their own copy of your product demo website instantly.

For example, you sell a wonderful WordPress theme and have a beautifully hand-crafted demo website for it. Then you setup WP Demo Builder in your demo website with just a few clicks. When your users visit the product demo, they can create a totally new WordPress website for your product, which looks exactly like your demo, to test.

(Of course there are many more things you can do with WP Demo Builder).

Now that you know what it does, let’s jump straight to the point: WP Demo Builder is the only WordPress demo solution that you really need. WooRocket team guarantees that.

Why? Here are plenty of effective things WP Demo Builder empowers you with and makes your product demo the winning tool for your business.

WP Demo Builder creates a painless user experience for your potential customers with a true-to-life demo

It’s a solid fact: people remember over 80% of what they SEE and DO. So why would you just show potential customers your product? Let them use it right within your demo. Get them in action. That’s how you carve a deeper impression in their mind.

Image by Copyblogger

Showtime with WP Demo Builder! Just look at how we applied it for our demo websites.

Give your demo users a personal and unique demo testing environment

Anyone visiting your demo site can create a new WordPress website using your WordPress product it doesn’t matter if it’s a WordPress plugin or WordPress theme or service. They have full control of this demo website to customize the theme and add or adjust code (of course if they know about coding). They can even install plugins to test with your WordPress theme or install a WordPress theme to test with your plugin.

WP Demo Builder makes it totally real for your demo users so that they can explore your product to its fullest capability, and get to know it and love it. Plus, the testing is completely private. Therefore, any change users make will not affect your original demo website’s data or conflict with other users’ settings.

Does it sound unbelievable?


It’s absolutely possible with WP Demo Builder. Oh, how about its security? Don’t worry. WP Demo Builder’s providers fully understand your question and they have kept everything under control so you can sleep well at night.

Let them enjoy a real smooth experience and then come to love you

When looking at some multisite WordPress demos, you can see that users can only test your product in a sandbox and within a session. When they close the browser and later go back to the demo then boom! Everything is gone. Their customizations are never saved.

It’s a different story with WP Demo Builder. Any website created by a user with your WordPress product lasts for at least 5 days before an automatic cleanup. Demo users are free to play with your product until they get it right. One plus is that they also have a preview bar to test your product display in different resolutions.

And that’s not all. People can even export all their settings into a quickstart file to deploy on their local environment. Of course this is possible so that if they purchase your product and want to save all the settings they won’t have to customize everything all over again.

WP Demo Builder just removes all friction from your customer’s journey.

WP Demo Builder gives you non-sweat management of everything

I dare to say that all those multisite demos are way too complicated for you to manage all users’ demos. Look, what if there are many demos created and tested at the same time? Will it slow down your whole demo site? And what if your users want to test your product on a multisite environment too? Wow wow, a multisite in another multisite? What the hell is that? Multisite-ception?

Leave the burden to WP Demo Builder.

WP Demo Builder hosts all your users’ demo websites. Your job is to make a good product for them to use and love. That’s all. The hosting burden is on WP Demo Builder. So are the automatic cleanups and automatic updates. And if your demo site is a multisite, WP Demo Builder can also build a multisite for your demo users to play with.

Anything else?

You have an intuitive dashboard which tracks everything!

WP Demo Builder User Dashboard

Instances (demo created by your users) Options

Once login to WP Demo Builder cPanel, you’ll see your dashboard with the charts showing statistics of your demo websites: how much usage is left, how many demo websites users have created, recently added demo websites, etc. Also, you are able to extend the life of a demo created by a user, or turn on/off installing plugins within demo websites

Of course, more tracking services are on the way to help you improve every WordPress product you have.

Try WP Demo Builder today! It’s FREE!

I know that many people complain about eye-pleasing themes with appealing demo websites yet have crappy HTML code inside. They feel like they are being cheated and get frustrated. Eventually, they lose trust in those theme providers. Seeing this, do you think it’s time to change? The only way to prove a quality theme is to test it out, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate to try WP Demo Builder out and prove that there is more to your WordPress product than meets the eye. And this way makes better sales as well as making people love your products. Try it and leave your feedback here; the guys behind WP Demo Builder are truly receptive people who welcome any of your comments.

by Vivian Vu

I'm a proud minion in the WooRockets Team. Enjoy life, music, writing blogs and LOVE to read comments for my blogs - So feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment right below or tweet me @vivianjedi

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