Best WordPress Christmas Deals 2016 (more amazes inside). Save up to $304!

Christmas is coming all around. Although we’re no longer kids, we all have some wishes to Santa Claus. What would you like to receive this Christmas? As a WordPress eCommerce theme user, I guess that you are seeking some WordPress Christmas deals? They may be a theme or plugin that have super discount. In this article, I’ll provide you the best deal ever for us. Let’s read to know why you should take this deal!


Best WordPress Christmas deals from ThemeForest, if any?

As we heard on Elite VIP zone (the private forum for Elite ThemeForest author), ThemeForest has’t had any hints about promotion program for Christmas. So it seems that we’re the only author on ThemeForest market that provides Christmas discount.

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We think that there should bring some Christmas magic on ThemeForest, so we decided to make one. 50% OFF.

This deal takes effect from 8:00 A.M. December 19 to 11:59 P.M. December 22 (CET Time) 11:59 P.M. December 30(CET Time)(we have extended the discount!)

So among some WordPress Christmas deals, what are the unique points in this one? In other words, why do you need to grab this deal as soon as possible in this Christmas 2016?


What’s included in this deal?

Let’s see what you will get in this ultimate deal.


20+ niche demos for any WooCommerce themes purpose

Niche demos that are hand-crafted for the eCommerce purpose of specific niches. All demos that you can see on Nitro landing page has already packed with detailed layouts and elements. The flexibility of using niche demos lying in the fact that you can install the whole demo or just several pages. If you just want to use a page in a demo, then you can install that page only. Moreover, we also included the total layered PSD files of niche demos on the package for you to use just in case you want to do more customization on your eCommerce site.

There will be up to 3+ new niche demos per month, and all future niches will be delivered to Nitro users for free.
The 3 latest ones are sports gears, pet accessories, and lingeries/underwear. By 1 January 2017, you will get up to 24 niche demos.







16+ core eCommerce features

Among many WordPress Christmas deals on the market, this one contains all necessary features that shop owners like you have used on real eCommerce websites. We decide what to include in Nitro based on our research on essential elements for each niche demo.

Some highlighted features are:

  • Powerful Live Customizer helps you personalize any section on your site, from the global look, page layout, shop, and even footer. Moreover, unlike any other WordPress eCommerce themes on the market, the Nitro’s Customizer has WooCommerceLive Search bar for any section right on the Customizer, which helps save x2 your time
  • Product custom attributes with 3 product variation styles: color picker, text label, image
  • Advanced product filters – the must-have feature for an excelling fashion eCommerce WordPress theme.
  • Header Builder makes every header possible with 10 mostly used elements for your eCommerce site like “search,” “menu,” “top promotion bar,” “currency switcher,” etc. Too lazy to start from zero? Don’t worry. We have made 15+ header templates for you!



200 Free PSD Layered Files (cost $120)

Unlike other WooCommerce themes responsive, in Nitro we also include a complete PSD collection of all design layouts and elements, allowing you to customize this theme in your way. FREE included exclusively for all Nitro users.

6 best-selling WordPress plugins for eCommerce (cost $155)

We made these following WordPress plugins free included with no license activation for you. With WordPress Christmas deals, you can get all 6 following premium WordPress plugins with Nitro and save up to $184

1-on-1 customer support

We’re delivering custom support for Nitro only via our chat box on Nitro landing page. This support method helps us provide faster and across device support for you. Moreover, we also use this personalized support method to collect insights for product improvements. Just say “Hi!” to us before via the chat box, and we’re already here to assist you.

What did our customers said about Nitro?

Nothing can prove the quality of Nitro better than real customers’ feedback. We have spent a lot of time everyday doing 1on1 customer support. We appreciate every comment, feedback, or even complaint and even convert them into daily product improvement request.

Below are few words that customer said about Nitro.

Design quality


Code quality



Feature availability


Customer Support




Nitro in real life

Powerful customizations of Nitro is proven by real customer showcase. Below are just some customer sites that are using Nitro.


Tom Astin – a men suit shop using Haute Couture


It's easy to make a pet store like MZPets with the super flexible Hiway demo

It’s easy to make a pet store like MZPets with the super flexible Hiway demo


About the full Nitro showcase, we’re in progress of collecting more customer websites. If you have your website using Nitro and you want it to get featured on the showcase, just let us know in the below comment section.


In a nutshell

In the previous Black Friday deals, many customers said that they were regretful of not getting the big deal earlier. Some of them are too busy with their daily work that. Some were confused and then couldn’t get the deal again.

Don’t be like them. If you think Nitro works for your business, then just get it before this final discount ends.


Get all above magics

Just $29 $59



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