WordPress 4.2 Beta, WooCommerce 2.3 Updates and More in this March Digest

Hi, we meet again in the monthly digest for WordPress and WooCommerce. This month, we have many big updates from WordPress 4.2 yes, the official release is going to be here soon in April. Let’s check out the latest updates for the 1st major release from WordPress this year, and save your time on finding the most shared articles around WooCommerce as well as WordPress community.

Here we go.

WordPress 4.2 beta versions are already here!

If you’re a frequent visitor at WordPress.org or WPTavern, I bet you already have in your mind what will be coming in WordPress 4.2 after its 3 beta versions. There are many interesting and worth-waiting-for things around this version.

Emoji support

Emoji in WordPress 4.2

With the built-in emoji feature, WordPress has more lightweight and a huge range of emoticons to add in different places like comments, posts, categories, etc. Emoji uses UTF8MB4 encoding, so your website needs to run with MySQL 5.5 or higher.

Better experience in theme customizer

It has been made much more convenient for users when browsing themes via the Customizer. Now you can switch, preview or activate desired themes right in Customer interface.

Faster plugin updates

plugin updates in wordpress 4.2


With WordPress 4.2 you’re able to update plugin right in the plugin list interface, without having to be navigated to an update or installation screen. At first the installation of plugins was also enhanced in the same way with auto-activation after installation, however, since there are many issues caused by auto activating plugins, this feature is saved for later.

Better Press This button

The Press This feature was born for bloggers, unfortunately, it was not very widely used among bloggers themselves. But with the improvements in WordPress 4.2, this feature work much more smoothly. Just drag the Press This button in Tools section in the Dashboard to your browser, you’ll be able to compose post based on any article you’re browsing on any website.

And more

There are many more under the hood changes. Visit WordPress News to find out about the other changes in WordPress 4.2. And stay tuned for our next insightful post about the detailed features in WordPress 4.2 (with infographic, as usual).

Note: As usual, if you want to try WordPress 4.2, you can use WordPress Beta Tester plugin on your local environment.

WooCommerce 2.3 with fix releases

With the latest WooCommerce 2.3, WooThemes team with other contributors has been working hard to release 2 version 2.3.6 and 2.3.7 with security fixes and some tweaks.

You can view more about the change log here.

Still have no clue about WooCommerce 2.3? Read our introduction of this “Handsome Hippo” version.

Highlight articles for you in last March

Platform to WooCommerce Converter extensions are now free!

Feel like switching to an eCommerce platform with WooCommerce? It’s free with Jigoshop and WPEC converter now.

Top 100 WordPress People to Follow on Twitter

Another updated list of the best WordPress gurus out there to follow and learn from. It reminds me of the top WooCommerce ninjas to follow list.

“We Didn’t Know That WooCommerce Would Flip Our Whole Business On Its Head,” Shares Magnus Jepson

Sharing from WooThemes cofounder let’s take a look at the journey of Magnus with WooThemes team.

WordPress SEO 2.0: focus on what matters

Get to know more with SEO updates from Yoast team.

The importance of having a staging site for your e-commerce business

Running eCommerce websites surely is not an exception from the need of having a staging site. Check out this useful article to learn more about how you can utilize it.

Did I miss any big news this month? What do you think I should add to our monthly digest? Feel free to help us keep things updated better for you!

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