Getting Serious in Selling Things Online? WooPlus Our Latest WordPress Shopping Theme is Your Best Choice Ever!

More than anyone, online shop owners understand the important of having a well-functioned eCommerce website for their business to thrive. Be a developer, or be an online shop owner, you may find yourself scratching your head when looking for a WordPress shopping theme that actually helps your site sell.

Look no further! WooRocket team is proud to introduce you our latest masterpiece: WooPlus a clean WordPress shopping theme for webstores, online supermarkets and anyone who want to make the most out of their store.

Let’s jump in to explore the charm of WooPlus.

Straightforward shopping experience

WooPlus is tailored for stores. That’s why we focused on delivering a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for your site’s customers.

The first thing to mention is that with WooCommerce flawlessly integrated, all products are displayed neatly on your store. Users can browse between products and multi-level categories easily without hassle.

In homepage, there is a special section right on top for displaying shopping policy, support method and other important information from your store to enhance your store’s transparency (did you know that having shipping and support information stated on your homepage helps increase your store’s sales?)

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with high user experience

Product categories and product display on Homepage

Viewing product details is also made comfortable and informative for your store’s users. Products are displayed with full information like product’s name, description, rating, customer’s review, SKU, availability status, variations and attributes, social sharing and so on.

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with product details

Product detail page

Plus, your visitors can also quick preview product via homepage in a popup window, which is suitable for quick browsing products:

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with preview product

Preview product

Buying products is also easy and not time-costing at all with a shopping cart widget on the right of your side. Your buyers will always know what are in their cart and can directly remove products from there or proceed to checkout with a click.

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with shopping cart

Shopping cart widget

In addition to that, your users can enjoy a subtle product live search to preview search results with product’s information in the result list:

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with product search

Product search

And if you’re worried about how your store will operate on different devices like mobiles, tablets or PC, you can rest assure that WooPlus is stunning on any screen resolutions. Whatever devices your customers are accessing your site from, the experience is always a breeze.

Seeing is believing. Take a look at the 4pre-built homepages of WooPlus here:

Home 1 - WooPlus WordPressWordPress Shopping ThemeHome 2 -WooPlus WordPressWordPress Shopping Theme

Home 3 - WooPlus WordPressWordPress Shopping ThemeHome 4 - WooPlus WordPressWordPress Shopping Theme

Optimized for marketing and sales

An eCommerce store will not reach its maximum sales without marketing and getting customer’s attention. To help you create a shopping website that sells like crazy, we added many marketing features in WooPlus for you.

There’s a premade promotion banner and popup window ready when your store runs a promotion campaign. You can easily customize the look and message of your hot deals here to encourage customers to buy more.

 wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with promotion banner

Promotion header banner

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with promotion banner

Popup banner

A successful marketing campaign for any eCommerce store can’t be without a landing page. WooPlus has a custom blank page that is in sync with overall site design for you to create a landing page for your promotion campaign.

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with landing page

Besides, there are also hot deal countdown, MailChimp integration and real-time live chat support ready in WooPlus for you. Now it only depends on your marketing sense to use these tools and boots up your store’s revenues.

A lift-up for building customer community

Along with the social share buttons in product detail page which help your customers share their favorite products with their friends easily as well as help your products go viral among social channels, WooPlus has BuddyPress integrated.

wooplus - wordpress shopping theme with buddypress

BuddyPress discussions

BuddyPress is a dedicated community run on WordPress and is the pillar of WordPress social networking. With the support of this awesome plugin, WooPlus can turn your site into a place where your store’s visitors and buyers can discuss and share their thoughts openly.

Furthermore, you can unlock the many useful features of BuddyPress to build your customer base effectively via member’s posts, profiles, messages, building connections and socializing with your customers.

If you are wondering if you really need this feature for your store, then I would remind you that social interactions on eCommerce store and great customer support do attract customers to be back for next purchases.

Built for robust eCommerce stores

Not to mention about its simplicity and clean design which contributes to a great user experience, WooPlus is a powerful theme in its nature for both non-savvy and skilled users like web developers.

This WordPress shopping theme is totally easy to customize as you wish with theme options and customizer, especially the custom pages which are powered by our WR PageBuilder. The theme is flexible and can be installed in no time with our special feature one-click installation. Just one click in Theme Customizer and you’ll have a website that looks like our demo.

The various shortcodes provided in WooPlus also enable you to freely create any element you want like pricing table, progress bar, promotion box, etc. That’s not all. WooPlus is WPML & translation ready to help you make a store that sells globally without any difficulty.

Oh, and let’s not forget about all the other useful plugins integrated in WooPlus: WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, WR MegaMenu, WR ContactForm, Buddy Press as well as the ready-made pages for your website: error 404, features, FAQ, service, under construction, testimonial, about us, blog

WooPlus will help you save a great extra time and effort building your ideal shopping site!

Here’s to a prosperous shopping store

WooPlus is one second-to-none WordPress shopping theme you could choose for your eCommerce store. Impressed enough? Get some minutes with WooPlus here:

Update 10 December 2016. WooPlus is stepping back to Nitro WordPress Shopping theme

We’ve got the best development and design practices plus valuable customers feedback and released another greater WordPress shopping theme with codename “NITRO“. It’s not just a single theme but rather 21 Nitro WooCommerce theme in 1 robust WooCommerce framework with better eCommerce features and WooCommerce theme performance.

2 thoughts on “Getting Serious in Selling Things Online? WooPlus Our Latest WordPress Shopping Theme is Your Best Choice Ever!”

  1. Brad says:

    That’s a pretty sharp looking theme! No really, I’ve seen hundreds!!! Out of curiosity Vivian, what made you decide to choose ThemeForest over selling the theme independently on

    1. Daniels Lee says:

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s a pleasure to know that someone does appreciate your efforts. About ThemeForest, we choose this market because of its high-quality standard. The standard bar keeps raising on ThemeForest, the reviewers do make sure all items are carefully reviewed and the customers have the best experience using products sold on TF.

      So it’s all about the quality and customers’ satisfaction, I guess.
      Daniels from WooRockets.

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