WooCommerce for large online store websites, yes or no?

Does popularity equal power?

In thevideographic about complete WooCommerce solution published on Mar 23rd, we talked about how simple it could be to use WooCommerce for your webstore. In another article, we talked about how WooCommerce has proved itself to be one of the most powerful and yet mostprominent players of the eCommerce industry.

In fact, WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) for websites. WordPress is used by 23.6% of all websites; that also means60.8% of all the websites using CMS are powered by WordPress. The story is not over yet. The launch of WooCommerce in 2011gave wings to the mighty WordPress tigerand turned it into one of the most stable and powerful eCommerce platforms ever since the extinction of theTyrannosaurs!

As powerful and prominent as it may be, after those two articles, we received quite a lot of feedback and messages asking about whether WooCommerce a WordPress plugin could handle large amount of items like other eCommerce platforms.So,WooCommerce for large storewebsites, yes or no?

WooCommerce large store case studies

To answer your questions, we won’t begin by telling you what we think. Instead we will show you some examples before we continue. These websites are well known in the niche industry, but not much people know that they are based on WooCommerce platform.


Number of items: 40,000+




Number of items: 20,000+


Number of items: 4000+| Traffic: 32 Million visits/month




Number of items: 458 | Traffic: tens of thousands/day


What do these guys have in common, you ask? With the presence of WooCommerce.com in this list, it would be easy to guess. The answer is: They’re all based on WooCommerce. Running smoothly, processing thousands of orders and visited by millions each month.

So until now, we think the question is not “To Woo or not to Woo”. WooCommerce and WordPress have proven themselves to be a stable base. Some people would just jump in and say that since WooCommerce is just a shopping cart plugin, and since it is so simple to setup and use, it can not work as well as other platforms that were specially designed for eCommerce purposes such as Shopify and Magento. I hope the websites I mentioned above should be solid enough examples to counter those arguments. They are definitely not a full list, and the statistics are just as accurate as the best we did to research; however, they are definitely something worth looking at. From my personal experience (and belief), WooCommerce can work well with a infinite number of items. The real question should be:

Which hosting service should you run your WooCommerce website on?

If you want to measure an eCommerce website, the correct scale metric would be transactions/seconds. That means that the number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) is actually irrelevant because no matter what platform your website is running on, the problems will boil down to how many orders the Database can take each second. As long as you find a good hosting service, it will be good. Cloudwaysoffers a good solution to this problem with itsCloudways WooCommerce Cloud Hosting Platform. If you want more choice, we have already made an interesting infographic on the best WordPress hosting services.

However, after some research we’ve found that there are a few problems with WooCommerce when running large eCommerce websites:

  • If you use PHP code for your websites then you might experience occasional bugs. The solution is to switch toHHVM (Hip-Hop Virtual Machine) instead. Details on how to set up HHVM for WordPress can be found in this useful article.

“Using HHVM without changing any PHP code is not questionable I’ve measured it and with WooCommerce I get an 18 fold speed increase on many pages when there are 100,000 products in the store.”

Davehilditch – CodeCanyon User

  • WooCommerce does not offer automated import of products, and with a large number of items, you cannot do it all manually. You can solve the problem with thisWooCommerce CSV importerplugin that was tested by 20,000+ users on WordPress.org.


WooCommerce Showcase

If you are interested in more examples of eCommerce websites running on WooCommerce, you can find them by visiting our WooCommerce Showcase at:

Showcases Archive - WooRockets

You can also submit your website to this awesomeWooCommerce Showcase Collection by on WooCommer siteby simply clicking the “SUBMIT YOUR SITE: button. In addition to the above great showcase collection, you might be interested inthe NitroWooCommerce showcase. This collection is hand – picked by our editorial team.


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