WooCommerce 2.3 Beta, WordPress 4.2 Latest News and More in January Digest

Are you ready for another work-hard year with WordPress as well as WooCommerce? Did you know that WooCommerce 2.3 the ‘Handsome Hippo” is on the way to be released soon?

It’s such a great beginning for 2015 with lots of good news from WordPress, especially WooCommerce.

There’s more to discuss together today. Let’s sit down together and check out the latest news this month.

Say “Thank you” to your WordPress plugin providers!

Obviously, WordPress couldn’t get there, you couldn’t get there, and we all couldn’t be so successful with WordPress if there weren’t such enormous contributions from WordPress plugin providers. Especially, those who are working tirelessly to offer quality free WordPress themes as well as free plugins for the community.

Since the very first Thank a Plugin Author Day in 2009, January 28th, 2015 was the 6th Thank a Plugin Author Day. So, I hope you guys paid a visit to your favorite WordPress plugin providers’ websites and wrote them a testimonial? Or maybe donated to them? Or just leaving your rating and review on WordPress.org?

If you’re using any of the WordPress plugins from WooRockets, we’d love to hear your thoughts and your wishes for improving our plugins as well. Contact us and let us know!

Looking forward to WordPress 4.2

WordPress 4.2 is going to be released this April. The roadmap will be (expectedly): the first beta version on 25th February and the official release on 8th April. The lead of WordPress 4.2 development is Drew Jaynes.

What will be the new features in WordPress 4.2?

From discussion on Slack, it is likely that there will be feature plugins in WordPress 4.2 like Press This, Theme Switcher, and Shiny Updates for smooth installation and updating of plugins and themes. Here, Drew commented:

“In addition to feature plugins, I’d like the general focus to be on polishing up some of our existing UIs in terms of mobile and accessibility wherever we can. Seems like there’s tickets hanging out there we could get some wins on.”

Also, in WordPress 4.2 you will see a new function that will automatically enable pretty permalinks when setting up your website.

WooCommerce 2.3 released its beta versions

In the last two months, we discussed about the frontend changes in WooCommerce 2.3 as well as its coupon updates. This month, the WooThemes team has released 3 beta versions for WooCommerce 2.3 so far.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features of WooCommerce 2.3:

Highlights of WooCommerce 2.3 a renovating User Interface with user interface updated both in the frontend and backend.

In the frontend, it’s about flat design and UX enhancements with an Undo “Remove from cart” link, responsive table design, changing button colors, and ‘Proceed to checkout’ button repositioned.

In the backend, we have re-organized and newly added responsive settings.

A UI for Webhooks

WooCommerce 2.3 allows adding, removing, editing and viewing logs for webhooks. Webhooks make it easier for 3rd party apps to integrate with WooCommerce.

Geo-location Features

Geo-location features help local stores to display overall price with the local taxes. The new feature allows you to set the default customer location to their actual location which will affect both:

  • Taxes shown to the user
  • The default state of the country selection box during checkout

Unit Tests are also started to be included in WooCommerce.

You can check thechanges in version of WooCommerce beta 1 to 3 here, or join the translation team, or download and test the beta 3 version now.

WooCommerce Seattle meetup

Recently we made a roundup of the best places to learn WordPress as well as WooCommerce, which you can read here: Top Places To Dive into WordPress And WooCommerce Communities You Shouldn’t Miss.

Adding to these places, there is one newly-created group for WooCommerce users in Seattle: WooCommerce Seattle meetup. The meetup is organized by Bob Dunn and Michael Tieso.

If you’re around, why not join the meet up and help each other with WooCommerce?

Did I miss any big news this month? What do you think I should add to our monthly digest? Feel free to help us keep things updated better for you!

by Vivian Vu

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