What’s New in WordPress and WooCommerce in November?

November has passed. The month witnessed some major news and updates in both WooCommerce and the WordPress world.

From this month, we will spend some time in our monthly digest on what’s going on in these two fields. Of course we will cover the hottest news for you immediately when there is a major update. So don’t forget to check the WooRockets blog regularly to catch up with the constantly changing worlds of WordPress as well as WooCommerce.

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WordPress released version 4.0.1

WordPress 4.0.1 release

WordPress 4.0.1 is a critical security release with 23 bugs fixed from version 4.0. Coming along with those fixes are “2 hardening changes”, “including better validation of EXIF data”.

So what’s the security issue that was fixed in version 4.0.1?

It was reported by Jouko Pynnonen that some serious cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities enabled hackers to hack WordPress websites. All websites using version 3.9.2 and earlier versions are affected, which is 86% of all WordPress sites.

Plus, there is also an error that can be taken advantage of to conduct cross-site request forgery this error helps hackers attack WordPress websites via malicious commands to web applications.

If your website is running WordPress version 3.9.2 or older, you’d better upgrade your sites immediately.

All eyes on the upcoming WordPress 4.1

For me personally, the latest version of WordPress is always the greatest. On Dec 10th, the last major update of WordPress in 2014, version 4.1, will be released.

You don’t have to wait until then to play with the cool new features in this version. The beta of this version was already out. However, remember not to use it on your production site.

The new features in WordPress 4.1 are:

  • New theme: Twenty Fifteen
  • New distraction-free editor which is more focused and minimal with quick interaction and scroll functionality.
  • New user-login session management to help users to flexibly identify which device they’re logging in from and to end their session there.
  • Better export capability: export specific categories, authors or chosen content published in a certain period of time
  • New language installation

You can use the WordPress Beta Testerplugin to download the latest changes in WordPress 4.1 and test them out.

WooCommerce for iOS 1.1 is out

WooCommerce iOS app

Image from WooThemes

If you are using WooCommerce for your online store and want to manage it perfectly from your iPhone, the WooCommerce for iOS app is for you.

In mid-November, SkyVerge updated the app to a new version with many great new things:

  • Ability to change order status: your status update will be synchronized with the order status on your website.
  • Toggle shipping and billing for a customer’s address information for you to choose what is needed.
  • Better order management tools: order management menu, better format of contact details, improved order detailsdisplay
  • Refreshing dashboard data so you don’t have to push Refresh yourself.

You can read more on the details of the features, as well as some other fixes and tweaks, here: WooCommerce iOS 1.1 has landed.

The first ever WooCommerce Conference WooConf 2014

WooCommerce conference WooConf 2014

WooConf 2014, dedicated to store owners and WordPress developers, was held on 3rd and 4th November 2014 in San Francisco.

It was a successful event with more than 300 attendees and countless valuable presentations, experience sharing, and awesome people to meet. You can read our summary of the event here with all the presentations.

It’s such a shame that WooRockets team couldn’t attend the event this year but we do hope that we can be there the next year!

Did you attend the event? Come on, we’re curious. What did you think about it? Share with us by commenting below, okay?

WooCommerce 2.3 The Handsome Hippo is on the way

WooCommerce 2.3 is more great news for WooCommerce users. The new version is expected to come out in the 1st quarter of 2015. And the beta will hopefully be available at the end of 2014.

As stated on the WooThemes website, this release will be focused on UI and UX beautification. So, there will be significant changes to the frontend design that theme authors should be aware of. The recommendation is that WooCommerce theme authors should start from NOW to play with the bleeding-edge WooCommerce version. You can download a copy here from Github.

Some notable changes (note that they’re not finalized changes):

  • Flat design for all design elements: messages, tabs, buttons, demo store notices, sale flashes, etc.
  • Removed front-end style settings
  • Removed increment and decrement buttons for quantity inputs
  • Moving ‘Proceed to checkout’ button to beneath the cart totals
  • Ability to remove products in the cart widget
  • Ability to load dashicons for the animated loading graphic used by blockUI
  • Some tables made responsive
  • and more

Stay heads up on what’s happening!

Always stay up-to-date with the rapid changes happening in WooCommerce and WordPress. We can help you with this because, seriously, we like learning new things too. Don’t forget to subscribe and check back with our blog for the hottest news (oh, we created other good stuff too).

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