What’s new in Nitro? WordPress 4.7, Quick Cart Update, Performance improvements.

The time goes fast and one week passed with 2 Nitro WooCommerce theme updates. One update 1.2.2 was related toNitro WordPress 4.7 compatibility, and now turns to the version 1.2.3 with new improvement and bugs fixes. Nitro theme has been installed on more than 700 websites since the first release in September. Now, let’s take a look at what’s new in the version 1.2.3.


What’s new in Nitro Customizer? Sixth Product Item Layout style for Shop page

We’ll begin with the new product item layout for the Product Category page. It’s the 6th layout in Nitro theme collection. Why have we to make one more style might you ask? Well, in this layout we’ve worked on re-positioning the product information details such as Product Name, wish list, pricing (both with and without the sale), star reviews and the further call to actions (more details and add to cart). With this layout, the product name can be longer in two strings, and the look will still be fine.

what's new in Nitro theme product item style layout 6

Quick Cart UX update

There is the familiar user’s behavior when adding product to the cart but later decide to change some goods. The usual flow is clicking on the “edit” button, adjust the number and change it to the new value. It takes a few clicks for such simple action. But it was the old way before the version 1.2.3. Let’s see how it looks now…


Since this Nitro version, the product item part has been redesigned, and the user’s’ flow has been changed. The user will need to mouse hover the amount part and click directly to the amount cell. After typing the new value, the “Subtotal” value will change accordingly.




New Sidebar section in Nitro WordPress Customizer

The WordPress sidebar is the powerful element placement tool for customization the website’s layout. In this Nitro release, we gave the freedom to the webmaster to develop and customize sidebar of following sections: Page, Blog, WooCommerce, and Footer.


Let’s take a look at sections in details and see where you can put sidebar options:


WooCommerce options

You can create the custom product page with putting elements around Product Category, Product Details, Cart Page, Checkout page and Mobile layout. The last one with Mobile layout was mattered for customers and us. For example, you could put some information above or below the product list on mobile layout. Some shop owners wanted to introduce the products before showing them. Other ones wanted just to showcase the product right away and give shoppers to search and see the product. With this update, we have fulfilled the demand from both customers audience.



Page & Blog Options

The Sidebar widgets are integrated into the core WordPress elements blog and pages finely. We get better customization possibilities for Nitro theme which fulfill more customers demands. Below is the 2 screen shots of settings.


Nitro Theme performance and Pingdom Scores improvement.

By releasing the first version Nitro theme in September, we’ve understood a quite clearly how important the loading speed and especially for an eCommerce website. A lot of time on research and execution have been put to improve the performance and reach the goal with site loading speed less than 3 seconds. By that time we have made a quick comparisonNitro WooCommerce theme performance with other popular WordPress, eCommerce themes on the market. Looking the past and now, it was an exciting experience with learning new development techniques and applying it to Nitro theme. The hardest thing is to make optimization not just 01 WooCommerce demo but all 21+ Nitro WooCommerce eCommerce niche demos. We have even created the random Nitro WooCommerce demo test tool to make sure that in reality Nitro actually can go with good performance. The score speed was around 93, and now it’s up to 96.


It’s only the 1st round of Nitro WordPress theme speed improvement, the second round for this week is touching PHP part of the theme and applying some practices. The goal is to optimize Nitro for Google PageSpeed Insight testing tool on both desktop and mobile. So wait for next release of Nitro theme.


WooSubscription WooCommerce plugin compatibility

WooCommerce Subscriptions is the most popular subscription builder WooCommerce plugin on the market. In this Nitro release, we have made Nitro WooCommerce theme compatible fully with this great subscription plugin. Before this release, Nitro theme still worked fine with the plugin, but in some places, the styles of the theme haven’t looked good. The “compatibility” goes to front – end part of the plugin and Nitro theme. We’ve made sure that this plugin not only works but display the content well on both desktop and mobile devices. Let me clarify for you some obvious issues founded by ourtester and have been fixed by developers.

The case #1 was with “subscribe button” not well displayed with Single subscription option of that plugin. As you can see the button is not aligned properly so that the overall page might have decreased in conversions. Since version 1.2.3 Nitro theme it’s fixed.


Another case was with WooCommerce Account page. The same design issue with buttons and content fixed all of them entirely. As seen in the screen shot the alignment of “pay” and “view” buttons weremerged while enabling WooCommerce Subscription plugin. Btw, the account page was relevant for us because during 1on1 chat support with customers we have discovered that this one of the important pages that users visit most. Thus, WooRockets designers and developers worked seriously onWooCommerce Account page design improvement, so rest assured the great UX is guaranteed with Nitro theme.


Next step is the relocation the product’s attributes on the Single Product of WooCommerce page. We had five predefined styles and checked all of them with the plugin. The issue was with placement attributes in the right position doesn’t exist anymore. Thus, Nitro will bring better shopping experience to the users.


In summary, it was the final words about what’s new in this Nitro release. We’ll be keeping further update and constant weekly Monday Nitro theme update. You can follow Nitro theme changelog for further updates.

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