[Video Tutorial] How To Move Joomla To WordPress?

Hello folks,

Ever wondered what to do when you want to move Joomla to WordPress?

Wonder no more, we have the answer right here. You can migrate from Joomla to WordPress very easily, in many ways, depending on your level of patience.

So shall we start?

Note: the methods below are applied for self-hosted WordPress website.

Level 1 Manual work for the most patient people

Easy as a piece of cake. It works the best if you have time and you want to re-read your content.

Step 1.

Create a WordPress website. You ask me how? Really folk, where have you been for the last five years? Are you sure you are using the Internet?

Step 2.

Backup your website, both on Joomla and WordPress (if you already have something on it).

Step 3.

Simply copy each of your entries and post to your new WordPress website. Continue the job until all your posts are there and you’re done.


Feeling less patient? Okay here is level 2 Make use of a plugin

There are plugins for this job that can make your life so much easier in many ways.

Let’s meet my favorite Joomla to WordPress migrating plugin: FG Joomla to WordPress. It has a free and a premium version, though the free one is enough for most of the cases.

Step 1.

Create a WordPress website.

Step 2.

Back up, back up, back up. Never forget it.

Step 3.

Install and Activate FG Joomla to WordPress plugin.

Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for FG Joomla to WordPress. Install and activate the plugin.

Step 4.

Go to Tools > Import. You should see the option Joomla (FG) there. Click it and you’ll see the page where your Joomla database information is needed.

In your Joomla environment, it should be under Global Configuration Server tab. You can also see it in configuration.php file in your Joomla website’s root folder.

Step 5.

Make sure you check all the necessary information on this page. In Behavior section, consider using the media import option if you want.

Finally, click the button “Import content from Joomla to WordPress” and pray.

Step 6.

The plugin will run some scripts and your content is imported. After the import finishes, make sure you fix the broken internal links by clicking “Modify internal links” button.

Now you are good to go!

Common errors:

-Database connection error: check the database information once again to make sure it’s correct.

-You may encounter the “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ****** bytes exhausted”. It can be easily fixed by putting the following code into wp-config.php located in your WordPress root folder.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

If the error is still there, contact your host and they will assist you to fix it.

-If you have trouble importing media file, check with your host if they disable allow_url_fopen directive in php.ini.

Feeling lazy? There is a complete solution just for you. Level 3 Spend money.

Spending some money on migrating service is the choice when you don’t have time to do the work. One of the common names is CMS2CMS, I suggest that you should check it out.

Want to add more levels?

Migrating from Joomla to WordPress is a very interesting issue, especially when WordPress becomes more and more popular. If you know other methods to do this, let us know in the comments!

On the other hand, if you want to know how to build a completely new WordPress website for your eCommerce store, click here to read our tips and recommendations. For more in-depth setup, you can seek help from WooCommerce community websites or must-read WordPress books that WooRockets team has handpicked for you!

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