Top Places To Dive into WordPress And WooCommerce Communities You Shouldn’t Miss

In parallel with the impressive development of WordPress in the last few years, WooCommerce has also achieved remarkable growth with millions of dedicated users. I think it goes without saying that we have been learning and eventually mastered WordPress, especially WooCommerce, more than ever before.

And for all amateurs to truly become achievers, you need to socialize in a strongly-connected and supportive environment where you can make friends, share experiences and ideas, learn and contribute back to our community.

So get ready to expand your WordPress and WooCommerce circle! Keep rolling down and read on.


Any WordPress user (like you and me) should know about and attend WordCamp for sure. WordCamp is the most worth-waiting-for event for all WordPress developers, beginners, business owners and is a place for WordPress fans from all over the world to meet and connect with others. For many WordPress lovers, WordCamp is a precious chance to learn from professionals, to develop business relationships, and to get to know each other in a friendly and innovative environment.

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Each WordCamp, from one day to one week or more depending on each local event, has many insightful and valuable presentations from top speakers and influencers in the WordPress industry will absolutely open your mind and help create a significant improvement in your own career with WordPress.

So, the question is how can you learn about WordCamp updates in all continents? Which one can you attend? If you can’t make it, how can you get the presentations and documents from these conferences?

WordCamp Central is the key to solve all the questions above. This website is where you find all the information related to WordCamps, from the Americas and Europe to Asia and Australia.
For attendees, you can easily check out all upcoming and past WordCamps in the WordCamp Central Schedule. Here you can search for any WordCamp presentations, ask questions of the speakers, register for new conference or get support from the organizers. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to follow @wordcamp to get WordCamp updates regularly.

Image’s credit: WordCamp Charleston

If you want to become a WordCamp sponsor, go to the About page where Sponsor Packages are available. You can consider bringing WordCamp to your local community by becoming an organizer. If you’re planning to socialize more and are tempted to make a new leap, give this site a visit and find a WordCamp within your region to attend.

WooCommerce Conference

The first ever and successful WooConf event in October 2014, was hosted by WooThemes. Hopefully, they will make WooConf the biggest annual event for WooCommerce geeks to engage in an energetic atmosphere and with insightful presentations. Through this event, you can reach creative WooThemes Ninjas, speakers, sponsors and meet with plenty of attendees.

It’s been more than 3 months since that big day of WooConf 2014 but there’re many people still tweeting about #wooconf on Twitter. If you missed this awesome WooCommerce event, try to join it this year!


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WordPress Meetups

WordPress Meetups the smaller version of WordCamps tend to create informal places where a small group of local WordPress users gather and talk about what they are doing with WordPress. Popping up on the WordPress Meetup map, there are 692 groups with over 170,000 members spread all over 450 cities in 55 countries. Of course the increase in this number shows no signs of stopping yet.

Getting involved in a local WordPress community is no less important. Many WordPress gurus themselves have emphasized the benefits of being a part of the awesome WordPress community.

So, why wait? 🙂 You can find any WordPress meetup group through this website and attend offline meetings for a great talk and WordPress sharing. If you are planning to connect with a new WordPress community, I think this is the best place to find a potential collaboration with your future partner. You can join the network, connect with local influencers directly, and learn more about them.

WordPress and WooCommerce Communities on Social networks


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Below is my list of the most active WordPress communities on different social channels. Thousands of energetic and dedicated members have been joining these groups. This is where you can freely ask questions about your problems and seek useful advice from experts.

Facebook Groups:

WordPress groups on Facebook are super active with a great number of dedicated members. According to, many specific groups are created for WordPress evangelists, from developers, designers or normal users, to join. Stand out from the crowd, Advanced WordPress is the largest community on Facebook with many members from WordPress core teams.

WooCommerce also has its own vast community called Advanced WooCommerce on Facebook where online store owners, WordPress developers or even WooCommerce lovers meet and share their thoughts and knowledge to improve the advanced features and functionality in the most friendly and comfortable way. Here are some more details about the 2 groups mentioned above.

Advanced WordPress

Number of members: 11,761 and still counting.

As its name implies, this group was created mainly for advanced users or advanced WordPress questions. Matt Mullenweg himself joined this group. All members can post their concerns in the group and get help from other members. You can learn how others solved complex coding issues, what problems occurred when running a WordPress website, etc.

However, it is not impossible for newbies to join the Advanced WordPress group. Rookie WordPress users are still welcome to learn more about WordPress here.

Advanced WooCommerce

This group, with more than 683 WooCommerce peers, is purely the best place for all WooCommerce developers and WooCommerce users from everywhere to share and learn about WooCommerce. You can read more on how the group was created from our interview with Constantin Schneider admin of the group.

Many Woo team members also joined this group, including Mark Forrester founder of WooThemes, Bryce Adams and Danny Santoro ninjas at WooThemes, which makes the Advanced WooCommerce group a good place to discuss WooCommerce development.

Other Facebook groups you should join:

All about WordPress – Members: 6,680

WordPress help and share– Members: 5,565

Woocommerce help and share– Members: 538

WordPress plugin suggestions– Members: 811

Google+ communities


Member: over 44,770

This is the most crowded and active group on Google+ providing a neat place for WordPress geeks to join discussions, share WordPress tips and tricks, ask questions about common issues and much more.

WordPress DevelopersMembers: 6,615+

This group is the best place for WordPress theme and plugin contributors to discuss about coding, best practices, programming knowledge or technical solutions. Moreover, the WordPress Developers group is an ideal place to find many good freelance job offers.

WooCommerce UsersMembers: 372+

You can discuss various practical solutions for eCommerce, WooCommerce features or share experiences in how to run a better WooCommerce shop.

WooCommerce -Members: 106+

Created by WooThemes, this is the official channel of WooCommerce for you to engage with the Woo team on Google+ and find many other useful tips, tricks, and tutorials as well.

LinkedIn groups

WordPress Number of members: 50,909+ For all users, lovers, developers, and consultants on the WordPress CMS

WordPress Experts Number of members: 28,625 – Top notch group for WordPress developers and theme designers to discuss various topics related to hosting, SEO, coding, programming and more on LinkedIn network.

More specialized LinkedIn groups for designers and developers you shouldn’t miss: WordPress Web Designers with 24,180+ creative members and WordPress Developers with 12,197+ evangelists.

WooCommerce – Number of members: 851+ andWooCommerce extension Number of members: 117+ are 2 most active WooCommerce communitiesto join on LinkedIn.

Southeast Asia Promising land for WordPress development

Last but definitely not least, I intentionally save some space in this blog to talk more about the WordPress community in Southeast Asia, particularly two emerging markets in the WordPress global map Vietnam and Thailand.

WordPress in Vietnam

The Hanoi WordPress Meetup

Founded in Jan 2012, it’s been 2 years since the first ever WordPress meetup was held in Hanoi by Philip Arthur Moore and Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh and now 15 meetups are successfully took place.

Philip and Tuan Anh also organized the first ever and successful Hanoi WordCamp in Sept 2014 with over a hundred attendees, content-rich presentations and practical sharing from local WordPress influencers. This event is a mark of a stable base for WordPress development in Vietnam and creates an official place for local WordPress fans to join and catch up with the fast growth of WordPress globally.

Until now, Hanoi WordPress meetup is a group of more than 300 WordPress lovers and maintains monthly meetups for all WordPressers in Hanoi. You can join The Hanoi WordPress Group on Facebook and follow Hanoi WordCamp on Twitter (@WordCampHanoi) to communicate with creative local WordPress minds here.

WordPress in Thailand

Vietnam and Thailand are neighbors in Southeast Asia, and both are emerging markets with high potential for WordPress development.
Founderof this group is Shinichi Nishikawa (@shinichiN), a Japanese man. It’s really interesting to find that a foreigner is a co-organizer of the local WordPress Bangkok meetups in Thailand since 2013 (like in Vietnam)

Although the Bangkok WordPress meetup group started a little late compared to other regions but it’s catching up really quickly with 620 members now. The WordPress community in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam and Thailand without a doubt, has gained a lot of significant achievements and created a strong connection across countries.

The more you share, the more you learn

We become more like people who we associate with. Look for the right groups, socialize with top WordPress developers and advanced users, read their blogs, give feedback on what you learnt, catch-up with them via Facebook, Google +, or reach out for any opportunities to meet them face-to-face are the best way to deeply connect with others.

I know that this roundup cannot cover it all. Are you a part of WordPress and WooCommerce communities? Share with us so we can join with you.

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