Top Tracking Tools for E-commerce WordPress Websites

You have finished all the preparation steps to launch your online store. But, have you thought about how to measure the success of your e-commerce? To ensure that your businesses are moving on the right path, tracking web metrics is essential. Today we will discuss how web analytics tools help boost sales of an online store and we will present the top 5 tracking tools for e-commerce WordPress websites.

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most powerful and popular web analytics tool to keep track of your own site’s performance. With Google Analytics, it’s easy to understand exactly what your visitors are doing on your website and identify which pages drive the most sales by checking transaction data.


Google Analytics also provides visitor demographics, showing where your users are from, their age and gender, the average time they spend on each session, their interests and behaviors, what kind of browsers they are using, and even their mobile device brand.

Credit Image: Google Analytics

For instance, have a look at the above report; a software store owner knows that 75% of their visitors are new. They spend approximately 3 minutes on each session, view an average of 2.54 pages per session, and 10.49% of them come from Germany.


What makes Google Analytics different from its rivals?


  • Google Tag Manager: The Web’s most popular tag management solution allows you to add or update your site tags and mobile applications.
  • Focus on Remarketing: With the combination of Google Analytics and Google Display Network, you can now re-approach and re-engage with your clients based on their real on-site actions.
  • Mobile App Analytics: This tool allows you to attract more targeted users by measuring important insights of customer behaviors on mobile internet; such as who uses your apps, on what devices, and where they are from.

If you want to increase sales, research more visitors, or enhance your mobile app, Google Analytics is just the right tool for you.



While Google Analytics is the best option for tracking your own site’s performance, Compete can be a smart choice to research your competitors alongside keeping track of your website. Compete helps professionals monitor online competition, benchmark performance, and discover new business opportunities.


The good thing about Compete is that it provides detailed insights such as website traffic, demographic data, and measures performance of your own sites and other sites in a given time.


Compete is highly recommended for businesses that desire a large market share. Why? Because it is one of the most powerful tools to measure your competitors’ conversion performance, identify your rivals’ marketing strategy, and therefore optimize your own online marketing and grow your online market share.

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Another key selling point of Compete is geographic targeting. It provides you with the most updated data based on location preference. For instance, if you plan to target the US market, Compete will filter metrics from the US only, and present data about age, gender, levels of education, occupation, and interests of US residents.


Let’s look at an overview about Compete’s unique features:


  • Research competitors and discover your competitors’ traffic sources
  • Increase your online conversion rates
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Improve shopper engagement
  • Identify cross-selling or up-selling opportunities
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Mobile consumer studies


Are you excited by the above-mentioned features? Experience Compete with Compete PRO, Online Conversion Insights, Online Channel Effectiveness, Mobile Behavioral Intelligence or Compete API.



Absolutely well-known in online business, Alexa a product from is a good choice for web ranking and analytics. Alexa works on the principles of Estimated Site Metrics. They show estimated metrics based on traffic patterns across the website.


Besides Estimated Site Metrics, Alexa Pro Plans provide Certified Site Metrics – metrics that are directly measured from the website instead of estimated. In detail, the website owner installs an Alexa Certify Code on the pages of their site and chooses to show the metrics publicly.


There are pros and cons of using Alexa for ranking. An online store owner can boost their rank by using various tactics, and therefore increase branding and positioning. However, it is more difficult to identify which website has the most accurate and transparent metrics, for advertising or partnership purposes.


Like many other web analytics tools, Alexa supports users with engagement metrics; for instance, time on site, average page views, and bounce rate. You can also get audience demographics and location using Alexa; such as where the visitors come from, their genders, education levels and browsing locations.

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Alexa’s unique selling points:


  • Provides global and country ranking
  • Lists out search traffic and top keywords from search engine
  • Analyzes how fast a website loads, and compare to other sites’ loading time
  • Shows upstream sites, sites linking and related links
  • Full Site and SEO Audits: Optimize your site with specific instructions to improve SEO, usability, and more
  • Certified Site Metrics


Are you Digital Marketers, Site Owners and Publishers, or Investors? Enjoy Alexa!



An alternative visitor analysis – StatCounter has some great stats and information that Google does not, or is more difficult to find in Google. It is free to sign up and has a WordPress plugin. The “free Sign Up” package gives you all stats but it is limited to 250,000 pageloads. For more features, you can upgrade for 4 per month or more.

StatCounter provides the most common metrics just as the 3 other tools do. It is also a user-friendly tool. You just need to customize your counter, paste the code into your site and start tracking traffic. It’s easy!

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Let’s check some key features of StatCounter:

  • Keyword Analysis: Helps you identify performance of keywords and optimise them accordingly
  • Search Engine War: You can see which search engines generate the most traffic
  • Multiple Site Management: Offers the ability to manage multiple websites from one account
  • Custom Branding Logo: Users who upgrade their accounts have the choice to disable banner ads on StatCounter, and to replace them with their own custom banner.


Which platforms do StatCounter support? See the guidance for installing StatCounter for WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, Yahoo Store, and many more.



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Quantcast provides demographic and traffic stats, as well as browse ranking option. Measure and Advertise are two main products of Quantcast.

Curious about how Quantcast Measure helps us?

  • Get Inside Your Audience: Provides free, accurate and dependable audience insights for over 100 million web and mobile destinations
  • Focus on Valuable Audiences: Amplify your audience development and ad sales efforts with insights from custom audience segments
  • Compare: Lets you see your site’s performance compared with your competition
  • Cross-Platform Usage: Understand how groups of logged-in users return across platforms

And the key advantages of Quantcast Advertise:

  • Unlock Your Data: Tag your digital assets across platforms to learn what makes your highest value customers distinct from everyone else
  • Leverage Our Foresight: Maps your ideal customers and matches their patterns against our view across the entire web
  • Get Net New Quantcast: Advertise anticipated audience behavior to influence the consumer journey online.

Have a look over their biggest customers: Linkedin, TimeInc, BigOven, BuzzFeed, Bravo, theguardian, etc. Will you give it a try?



We hope that you find this blog helpful and choose the most appropriate web analytics tool for your website. Check out this tutorial video for more guidance on how to use tracking tools for e-commerce websites.

Leave your comments below to share with us your experiments with these above-mentioned or other tracking tools.

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