Top Free Mega Menu Plugins for WordPress Websites

Navigation is no doubt one of the most important components on your website. A clumsy menu would drive your customers away in a second, but it doesn’t mean your menu has to be extremely fancy or heavily functioned. Sometimes simple is the best.

If you ask for my recommendation, I would say if you’d have money to invest right away, try some big names such as Uber ($19) or Wah-Menu ($24), there are reasons why they could gain such a fame. However I do recommend you try free plugins out before deciding any further, because I know some free plugins that actually works well and saves you quite a lot.

This list introduces the top mega menu plugins for WordPress websites; all of them are up to grab for free.

1. Max Mega Menu

It is very easy to use drag & drop function of this plugin to build WordPress menu. It’s responsive, retina and touch ready, so convenient to integrate in your website. The best part is that no theme editing is involved.

What users love about it: easy to set up, clean and user-friendly.

2. WR Mega Menu

WR Mega Menu is the simplest tool to create a beautiful menu on your website. If you want a menu builder plugin which can rock your website, you won’t be disappointed with WR Mega Menu. It’s fully responsive, easy to drag-and-drop and totally in control with few clicks. You can customize your menu as you want without any hassles.

What users love about it: icon database, easy to set up, separate profiles.

3. Responsive Select Menu

This plugin allows you to turn your WordPress menu into a select box below a width of your choice. It is extremely useful for mobile device when it’s nearly impossible to perform the ‘hover’ gesture.

What users love about it: no need to customize much, simple to use.

4. Admin Menu Tree Page View

Ever want to add a page tree to all your pages directly accessible in the admin menu? This plugin is just for you. This way all your pages will be available within just one click, no matter where you are in the admin area.

What users love about it: fast set-up, well maintained.

5. jQuery Mega Menu Widget and jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

I have to say that these two amazing plugins haven’t been updated for more than two years, however they are still worth mentioning. These two are still working as of WordPress 4.0. They allow you to create a widget, which allows you to add mega menus (vertical and horizontal) from any standard WordPress custom menu using jQuery. They can handle several mega menus on each page and offer 3 animation effects – show/hide, fade in or slide out. Their widget also has many selections to customize your menu.

What users love about them: flexible, easy to use.


As you can see, there are not so many free mega menu plugins on the market right now, but I think just one good plugin is enough to make the different. If you don’t want to spend money, I hope this list would help you.

Happen to know any good plugins that we miss? Share with us!

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