Top Forums for Web Designers and Developers to Join

From the philosophical perspective by Ana Monnar, sharing is useful for everyone to be more knowledgeable. In fact, this is what I am doing, writing blog post with the hope that I will be highly knowledgeable thanks to sharing information and getting feedbacks from you.

For you guys, all the web designers and developers, you may have many ways to get and share knowledge but one source you can’t ignore is FORUMS. It is the very time for you to find your own platform and share or discuss your own stuff.

Today I will share with you how important forums are to your future career, and a guide for you to find the best forums to participate. Have you used forums regularly or never used at all? Read on our WordPress Blog to see whether you have missed anything important.

1. Why Should Web Designers and Developers participate in Forums?

The basic concept of an online forum is that it is generally considered to be website for people from different countries and backgrounds to meet, joining an online social environment and discussing various topics. In detail, the topic for Web Designers and Developers is Web mastering and its related issues. So why should you consider forums?

The very first reason is that forums help you to increase your knowledge. Whoever you are, a newbie or expert in your field, forum can make you better. See people have the same questions you have. Get answers for your questions. Also, avoid the pitfalls others have encountered.

Second, forums are where you can create your own brands. Actively participate in forums. Ask questions showing your deep research and knowledge. Also you can answer other’s difficult questions. Most forums have a voting system, so other users can vote for you if you are good enough. Finally, you can get your own brand well-known.

“Top users” of Stack Exchange (a various-topic forum) helps to create user’s brand

Furthermore, engaging in forums can help you build relationships. Not only freelancers but also clients and partners may be all around you and evaluate what you do. Engaging with other members helps you automatically build better relationships.

If you are a freelancer, running your own website or blog, forums will be one of the best ways to increase traffic and sales. According to a Josh Klein’s research on “10 rules for driving traffic using forums” in, it is approved that 83% of his visitors are newto the site. But after visiting a forum, 75% are returningfor a second time (or more). If you wonder whether forums will work for you sites or not, try them now!

Forums – one of the best ways to increase traffic (source:

2. Top Forums for Web Designers and Developers

SitePoint Forums

SitePoint is one of the best forums for Web designers and developers to participate. It was founded byMatt MickiewiczandMark Harbottlein 1999. The company had its origins in, aninternet forumMickiewicz that founded as a resource for beginner web developers

Categories in this forum: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Mobile, UX, Design.

Members: 750,000 +

Web Designer Forum (UK)

This forum is actively used by web designers and developers, mainly UK users.

Categories in this forum: Web Designers News, Jobs, Introduction, General Chat and Design Competition.

Members: 42,000+

Talk DEV Forum

Talk DEV is a good forum for webmasters and webdesigners because of its various topics and the expertise of members.

Categories in this forum: Graphics Discussion, HTML & CSS, Web-design resources,
PHP & MySQL, JavaScript & Java, Hosting & Domains.

Members: 691+

Digital Point Forum

Digital Point Forum is one of the biggest webmaster communities online.

Categories in this forum: Search Engines, Business & Marketing, Design, Development and Market for buying, selling or trading.

Members: 720,000+

Designers Talk Forum

This is the worldwide design community.

Categories in this forum: general forums, design forums and other forums (advertising, SEO, businessetc)

Members: 89,000+

Webmaster Forums

Webmaster forumsprovide in-depth discussions and resources for new and experienced webmasters.

Categories in this forum: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, graphic design, web design, CGI scripts and programming, search engine optimizationand everything else a webmaster needs.

Members: 112,000+


Coding Forums

This is a web-coding and development forum with high interactions between members.

Categories: JavaScripts Programming, HTML & CSS, XML, PHP, MySQL, ASP

Members: 192,000+

ThemeForest Forum

Designers and web developers actively take part in this forum to discuss the best practices and the development of the web design.

Categories in this forum: Themes, Templates.

Members: 3,660,280+

CSS Chat Forum

CSS Chat Forum is dedicated to all elements of Web Design

Categories in this forum: Web Design, Programming, Search Engines & Promotion.

Members: 1000+

Graphic Design Forum

This is for all the web designers and developers to discuss graphic design, software and photography topics.

Categories in this forum: Graphic Design, Software, Photography and Community.

Statistics: 197,688 posts in Graphic Design categories

Kirupa Forums

In this forum, you can ask and share knowledge for Web Design issues.

Categories: talk, flash, development, careers, forum information.

Members: 191,601+

Cre8asites Forums

Forums contain updates and popular discussions on usability, search engine marketing, web design.

Statistics: 5000+ posts/day with high engagement of members.

How many these forums have you used? I hope that they are all helpful for your career. Feel free to ask any questions and share your favorite forums too.

See you in the next post of our WordPress Blog!

by Scarlett Nguyen

I have a passion for writing and came to content marketing by chance but i love it and want to unlock my potentials for it!

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