[Theme Review] Create A Magnet Website With Ultimate – A Unique Multipurpose WordPress Theme

As a WordPress developer, you always have to deal with different requests from your clients. One client may want their website to be a professional business site; another may need a one-page portfolio for his artwork. Not to mention that developers usually have to deal with multiple website developments at the same time.

So, the question is: How to create different types of website quickly while nailing your client’s requirements?

I have one answer for you: Use a premium multi-purpose WordPress theme. Why?

A multi-purpose theme is applicable for any purpose, so you can apply it in any kind of web development project.

And premium WordPress themes save your time on development as well as customization. Plus, there is always someone you can ask for instant help when you need it.

I’m going to show you how beneficial a multi-purpose WordPress theme can be for your project with the example of Ultimate A unique multi-purpose WordPress theme by Kayapati.

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Checklist for a Perfect WordPress Theme

Let’s begin with a checklist for a perfect WordPress Theme to see if the flexible Ultimate theme fails at any point (everyone uses this checklist to decide the theme they should buy, right?).

Does it work in all major browsers?

Seriously, I will never suggest a theme that breaks on any browser. So you can be sure that Ultimate theme is cross-browser compatible.

Does it come with solid code?

The best WordPress themes always come with good code. So does Ultimate. The authors are not bragging when saying they created the Ultimate theme with passion and love. The theme is clean, well-coded and contains valid HTML/CSS If not, it can’t be flexible enough to enable users to develop whatever website they want.

Is it up to date?

Ultimate’s authors really know how to keep their theme in line with the latest updates from WordPress. The latest version was released on 28th Feb, 2014 and the theme runs smoothly on WordPress 3.8.

Does it have good design?

I’d like to leave this comment to you. Overall, the theme provides a clear and emphasized message with big typography and eye catching sliders as well as effects to grab your visitors’ attention.

Plus, each section is logically crafted with an elegant look no matter what layout you choose. The theme also supports different colors to match your brand and other theme options in admin section.

Parallax layout of Ultimate

Does the theme’s author provide support?

Kayapati the theme’s provider allows customers to ask after-purchase question via a Forum. And from what I see from their profile, they are quite a good listener, taking note of customers’ requests to improve their theme.

Very prompt support in Kayapati’s forum

Create Your Magnet Website With Ultimate WordPress Theme

Okay, now you’re convinced, I’m going to move on to the main purpose of this blog: how we can create an amazing website with the multipurpose Ultimate theme.

Task 1: Choose a layout that matches your client’s requirement

The first thing to mention is that Ultimate has 15 pre-made layouts for you to choose from for any type of your future projects:

The layouts include: Corporate layout, 2 Interior layouts, 2 portfolio versions, 2 Spa versions, Restaurant, Landing page, Hosting, Wedding, Magazine, Fashion, Real estate and Parallax.

So, the benefit here is that you can save money as well as time for your project. You only have to open your wallet once and have 15 pre-made layouts to flexibly switch between to meet your client’s need. They are all customizable and easy to play with.

Your first task Done.

Task 2: Turn the default theme to yours

Now it’s going to be really exciting because you can use your creativity to customize a theme. Just be aware that you must put your clients needs first so you don’t get lost in your personal preferences.

Ultimate allows you to export and import theme style options so you don’t have to spend much time on setting up the style. In all its pre-defined layouts, there are big images and sliders (which are Revolution and Kaya sliders) that help draw visitor’s attention. Think about how you can convey your brand’s message via these images.

Also, you are equipped with custom sidebars and 6 custom post types these tools support you greatly in organizing content.

If you need to make an ecommerce website check out the Corporate layout. It has WooCommerce ready for you:

Task 3: Add depth into your website

You may want to make your theme unique and make your mark more in the overall design. If you are proud of your skill, I’m sure you’ll want to play a little with the design. Here are things I know you can do:

  • Create wrapping and ribbons: For example, you can separate the footer from the above sections by making a wrapping around footer section.

Ultimate Restaurant layout

  • Replace default images of the theme by images with unique perspective or by professional brand’s photography: A photo of your client’s company taken from an unexpected angle might help your site look completely different.

Ultimate Corporate layout

  • Adding layers: You can create overlapping photos to create a different impression for your image showcase.

Ultimate Restaurant layout

Surely there are more things savvy designers and developers can add to spice up a multipurpose theme. You know, when you save time on setting up defaults, you have more time to work on the parts you love. Flexible themes like Ultimate are just real good choices.

How Are Other People Using Ultimate?

To wrap up, let’s take a look at some live sites which are using the Ultimate theme. You’ll be inspired by these websites.

Digital Denizens

Digital Denizens is a web development service provider based in Howell, MichiganUSA.

Their homepage features a big image with clear, big typography about what values they bring to their customers. Right below are the CTA (call-to-action) for their eBook to attract more leads and the core values of their service. That makes a good impression for visitors.

Inside, they have a real good-looking landing page with detailed information and a clear message to their visitors:

Landing page

G9 Transportes

G9 Transportes is a delivery service provider in Sao Paulo. The website’s highlights are its big slider with the brand’s message as well as the parallax scrolling effect that makes the site look lively.


Parallax scrolling


Intact is an online marketing solution company in Toronto, Canada. On their homepage, they make a showcase of their finished projects and make them easy to view for visitors.



Okay, I feel that this is enough for this blog. In case you want to try out Ultimate WordPress theme, here it is:

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I do hope that with this blog, you now have one more choice of premium WordPress themes for your projects. And keep in mind that a flexibly functional WordPress theme is extremely helpful for you when dealing with multiple requests from different clients at the same time.

Do you have another favorite multi-purpose WordPress theme? I’d like to have more suggestions from you. If possible, you can list the websites you built with those themes. That’d be so great to know!

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