The future WooRockets free plugins

Hey friends, fans, or just WordPress enthusiasts,

Today, I’m going to share with you one important piece of news related to the future of free WooRockets plugins including WR PageBuilder, WR MegaMenu and WR ContactForm. We’ll stop development activities by 18 May. That means no more product improvements, bug fixes or any activities related to the products’ development. We’ll put them on “autopilot” in the “WordPress sky” for the community as we always have at Github. Let me explain to you why we have decided to go this way. It’s not an easy decision, but we have had to do it.

It costs a lot of resources.

The development and support costs are huge, but the time involved was even greater. Yes, we hired three developers to take care of each free plugin and one dedicated support staff. We wanted to make sure that the products were in good shape and moved forward with continuous improvements based on users’ feedback. We have done this job for over a year and there is no end in sight. Thus, we always had something to do. Recently our company has been faced with an unstable financial situation which has forced us to cut costs. Free plugins were released for the WordPress community and couldn’t convert into sales. If free plugins or other commercial products could generate enough revenue to keep the products free, we would definitely go with that. Unfortunately, the commercial parts of the products still need some serious improvement to establish their position on the market.

But most important, we haven’t stayed focused on our main goal…

We’re WooRockets.

We initially bought these products from InnoGears Team. They did a great job and our role was the improvement their stuff for the WordPress community. We tried hard to answer support questions via the forum and improve the products making them “perfect”. By doing that we moved away from our main and initial goal – WooRockets.

WooRockets is about providing ultimate solutions for WooCommerce shop owners. These solutions are themes, plugins, mobile apps and everything related to WooCommerce. We’ve spent so much time and resources on things that have moved us away from what WooRockets actually is. We really want to make quality products for WordPress; to be specific WooCommerce. It takes time, money and strong FOCUS.

From now on, the code base for the three plugins are still available at Github. Anyone who wishes to improve the product can download it and make further code contributions. Just some quick stats with “Active Installs”: PageBuilder – 9,000, MegaMenu and ContactForm together – 4,000. That’s not a small or big amount of users, but still numbers that show how free stuff is popular.

…and some last words a BIG THANKS to our users & fans! Your lovely reviews were a big encouragement for us. We believe that it’s not the “end”, we’ll return back to free plugin development when the right time comes, especially with WR PageBuilder.

See you around WooRockets space!

9 thoughts on “The future WooRockets free plugins”

  1. joveyoon says:

    Hi, Tony.

    I’m so unhappy that I heard about it. I’ve gotten many helps from you about WR-pagebuilder and WR-contactform. Even you have entered my site admin dashboard.
    The time get you free from all of any problems for financial will come surely.

    FIGHTING !! – for “cheer up !! ” In Korean English 🙂

    Best Regard

    1. tonywr says:

      Thanks for your support, Jove.

      We have big plans with page builder. It’s just not the right time yet, but we’ll definitely return back to page builder optimization with a new look and framework.

  2. Brad Griffin says:

    Hey Tony, can we ‘adopt’ these plugins?

    1. tonywr says:

      Brad, it’s released under GNU/GPL license. So you can do whatever with these stuff based on this wonderful license.

  3. vonkanehoffen says:

    That’s a shame! They’re great plugins, especially PageBuilder. Fully understand your reasons though.

    1. vonkanehoffen says:

      2 updates since this post was made. Take it development is still going ahead then! Good news!

      1. tonywr says:

        We still wish to make sure that the products are bugs free. Keep fighting.

  4. Graffig says:

    Just wanted to a big thank you for supplying these wonderful free plugins. Good luck with all you future projects.

    1. tonywr says:

      Thanks, Graffig!

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