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You’ve done all the work with your website: UX optimization, preparing great content, building keywords and creating pages. I am sure that you will not forget to build a contact page, in which a contact form is the bridge to help advertisers, customers and partners get in touch with you.

WordPress does not have an integrated contact form; however, there is a bundle of contact form plugins available out there. Up until this moment, when I am writing this post, there are 1,290 search results with the keywords “contact form plugin” in theplugin directory.

Confused about how to choose the best one, huh?

This post certainly can help! I will recommend the best contact form plugins to connect visitors with website owners and help convert visitors into potential customers. Enjoy it!

What Are Characteristics Of A Good WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

  • Ease of use:Almost all WordPress users love plugins which are intuitive for them to customize with little support.
  • Easy customization:A good WordPress contact form should give you the chance to customize your form easily: create custom fields, customize form actions, etc.
  • Suitable appearance:A good contact form plugin should give users the chance to easily customize the style and layout of the form, etc.
  • Effective spam protection:A good contact form allows users to useAkismetto provide spam prevention, use Catpcha to keep robots away, or use AJAX to load forms so that the form is hidden from bots.

Basing on these criteria, we made a review of the best contact form plugins. Moreover, any existing disadvantages of these plugins will be mentioned in case you need a contact form with specific functions for your site.

5 Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact From 7

  • Download: 17,555,000+
  • Latest version: 3.8.1
  • Required WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to:

  • Manage multiple contact forms on several sites well.
  • Customize the form and the mail contents flexibly.
  • Prevent spam by supporting Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and so on.

Disadvantages of Contact Form 7:

In general, the interface of Contact Form 7 is quite technical requiring code knowledge. It is not quite user-friendly for a dummy with little CSS/HTML experience.

  • To createa contact form one has tomanually compile itby copying & pasting the specific code for the available inputs and placing them in the form area.
  • The plugin’s user interface is pretty un-intuitive for some users, too.
  • There is no form preview functionality.

Fast Secure Contact Form

  • Download: 4,595,324
  • Latest version:4.0.1
  • Required WordPress version: 3.4.2 or higher

Fast Secure Contact Form plugin allows you to:

  • Add, remove, and re-order fields easily
  • Send emails to a site’s admin, and also send a meeting request to talk over phone or video
  • Redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent
  • Include CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block spammers

Disadvantages of Fast Secure Contact Form:

It may be not a negative thing, but it is worth knowing before choosing this contact form; the dashboard interface can be a bit overwhelming, with many options that can be configured.

However, take your time and optimize all of them; you can create an awesome form for your website. Moreover, this plugin has no form preview action, too.

Easy Contact Forms

  • Download: 519,667+
  • Latest version: 1.4.9
  • Required WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Easy Contact Forms plugin allows you to:

  • Customize various contact form field types.
  • Manage multiple contact forms.
  • Create visitor-friendly contact forms.

Ensure reasonable anti-spam protection and multiple data validation layers.

Disadvantages of Easy Contact Forms:

This plugin is loaded with a lot of useful features, but some features missing are the use of AJAX to submit forms and no form preview action.

Ninja Forms

  • Download: 354,379
  • Latest version: 2.6.4
  • Required WordPress version: 3.6 or higher

Ninja Forms plugin allows you to:

  • Design complex forms through a drag and drop interface without touching code.
  • Customize email addresses, as well as specific messages to the user when filling out the form.
  • Use of anti-spam field.
  • Preview the form during customization.
  • Submit your form by reloading the page or asynchronously with AJAX.

One thing to remember is: If you are using a version of PHP lower than 5.3, you may experience some problems using AJAX Submissions. These can be minimized by using simple success/error messages without any quotes or special characters. Disadvantages of Ninja Forms:

  • Ninja Forms doesn’t have many 3rd party integrations yet
  • It lacks the ability to format the layout (even default alignment) I think it is a great limitation of this plugin. This feature you can only find in thepremium add-on, in which the appearance can be changed by editing code.
  • There is no form preview action, too.

IG ContactForm

  • Download: 38+
  • Latest version: 1.1.0
  • Required WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

IG ContactForm – the “youngest guy” here was released on WordPress Plugin Directoryin May, 2014. Despite its recent release, IG ContactForm has outstanding features and doesn’t have the limitations of the above contact form plugins.

I have tried IG ContactForm on my WordPress local host site; indeed, it is very intuitive and highly user-friendly. Moreover, it has worked perfectly with other themes and plugins in my site. Be open and run an experiment. I am sure it will not let you down.

IG Contact Form allows you to:

  • Easily and quickly customize form fields by a drag and drop interface.
  • Have various choices for default fields.
  • Use multiple columns and pages forms
  • Easily change the form’s style and layout.
  • Customize email notification system.
  • Have a strong anti-spam mechanism.
  • Easily customize forms with many options, using CSS if needed.

Read more about manypowerful features of IG ContactForm

Download and use IG ContactForm and you’ll see it’s the only WordPress form builder plugin you’ll ever need.

Final Thought

This summing-up of the 5 best contact form plugins is based on the ease of use, the variety functionality included, the look and popularity. I hope that you can enjoy the best of this list.

For the newbie but cool guy – IG ContactForm – you are offered for free with much powerful functionality. Its limitation is waiting for you to discover.

Which WordPress Contact Form plugins have you used? Don’t hesitate to share with us your experiences. Moreover, if you like this post, it would be great to share and chat with your friends about it. Thanks!

by Scarlett Nguyen

I have a passion for writing and came to content marketing by chance but i love it and want to unlock my potentials for it!

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  1. Paul Evans says:

    Hi Zahid, did you know that you can also add Facebook Messenger to your website and allow your customers to message you directly?

  2. Zahid says:

    Informative Article.
    I just want to know that which form you are using for comments?? i want this google new captcha on my site therefor i am asking. Thank you.

    1. Ivy Nguyen says:

      Hi Zahid,

      We are not using any special form or plugin here, it is WordPress’s default form. For the captcha we get it from Google reCaptcha.

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