How to Run a Successful eCommerce Store with WooCommerce Plugins

When you choose WooCommerce as the backbone for your online store and start selling things, it will all come down to the matter of how to keep your work on track, increase sales and especially promote your brand. You will need to do many things, such as creating stunning product showcases, developing a promotion campaign or having an effective SEO strategy. There’s really a lot of work to do!

Fortunately, choosing the customizable WooCommerce to launch an online store in the first place will help you dodge that bullet. With strong support from thousands of feature-rich WooCommerce plugins, you only need to focus on making an effective marketing plan.

So, I’ve been searching for the most popular WooCommerce plugins that can be powerful tools for your WooCommerce store.

For now, wait no more and let’s go to the main part.

Run your WooCommerce store from your mobile

Once you have your own WooCommerce store launched, why not control it from your mobile too?

WooCommerce for iOS is specially developed to help shop owners build up and manage their stores on their iPhone with ease. With this plugin, you can have your WooCommerce stores under your ultimate control on any mobile device and easily manage a huge amount of customer orders, analyze weekly or monthly statistics,


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Besides this, you also need some useful tools to help you manage sales and your store’s performance via mobile. Here are some other great plugins that support selling on mobile that you should try:

WooCommerce Burst SMS Integration: Free on This plugin notifies your orders and delivery updates via SMS. However, this plugin only supports Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

WooCommerce Order SMS Notification: Price: $16. It supports 5 types of SMS Gateways including: Talk with Text, Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell, and SMS Global. The plugin is easy to set up and SMS texts which are sent to your customers are customizable.


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Focus more on Products on your website

Products are the super stars of your store. Make your customers pay close attention to what you’re selling by spending time and effort to create beautiful product images with clear and great copy or descriptions, set up cross-sells and up-sells to showcase relevant products, However, don’t let heavy image files affect your page loading speed and challenge your customers’ patience.

Use to reduce image size before uploading. This useful plugin is on the must-have plugin list of many WooCommerce developers to build a good WooCommerce website.


Moreover, consider to put some stunning animations in your image showcases to improve customer experience while they are scrolling through your product pages. If you’re selling products which need to be put in the spotlight, like clothes, an intuitive WooCommerce Product Slider plugin can automatically support you with many versatile features: Widget-ready, SEO-ready and stunning motion, Just take your time and have a look here.

Customers usually want to check products before purchasing them online. So, use a WooCommerce plugin to support zoom in/out feature. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier with vivid and smooth motion can help you with that. I will not bother you with unnecessary words, just have a look at its demo to know how helpful it can be.


Besides these, you can use Woo Stickers by Webline to freely add badges with your own words like: “sale up to”, “sold out” to inform your customers about the product statuses.

Check out the list below for more plugins to help you display products in a stunning way. Some also can help you with setting up related products as well as product wishlists:

Woo360 Product Viewer: Price: $16. This light weight and fast plugin can be used in posts, WooCommerce products, and more. You can display your product images with a 3D effect, with vivid and smooth motion. Being easy to configure and supporting shortcodes are some of its featured functionalities.

Display Product Multi layout for WooCommerce: Price: $18. This awesome plugin provides 6 different types of layout settings for you to choose from. Highly compatible with all WordPress themes, this plugin also provides 36 animations along with 8 default colors. It will help you create the most beautiful product showcase ever. Check out its demo for more info.


Recommendation Engine: Price: $79 to $199. This product allows you to customize Netflix and Amazon style product suggestions for your customers. It automatically recommends products to users by View, Purchase History and Products Purchased Together. This can encourage customers to shop more on your website.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: Free. This plugin allow customers to add products to a wishlist page and save it for later purchase. With this useful plugin, you can adjust a link in each product’s details page to add products to the wishlist.

Enhanced checkout process for better user experience


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Checkout is the final step of all purchasing processes. Obviously, a quick and convenient checkout can help customers pay with ease. Here I list out 5 premium and free WooCommerce plugins specialized for the checkout process with download link and price as well as main features for you to choose from:

WooCommerce Check-out Form Progress Bar Price 16$ – WooCommerce directly integration, progress bar added in checkout page and visualized progress of required fields for customers.

WooCommerce Manage and Checkout Field Free version is available on add/edit/delete fields in check-out form, easily reorder those fields by using the Drag and Drop UI Admin.

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods Only 6$ – Specially designed for digital stores selling software, e-books, digital songs, has earned an extremely high rating on (4.8 out of 5.00 stars)


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PayPal Express Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Starts from 79$ per site Deeply integrated with Paypal, enhance your online payment security.

Stripe Credit Card Gateway for WooCommerce – Free version is available on – Accept credit card payments directly on your website via Stripe payment gateway.

Final thoughts

Running a successful WooCommerce website can be easier if you find suitable plugins to save your time and effort. And as you can see, there are many WooCommerce plugins which are the powerful tool for you to rely on.

Have you found any plugin you need from this post? How would you take advantage of them for your own online shop? Share your experience with us.

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