Make The Most Of WordPress Banner For Fashion eCommerce Store

Have you ever found yourself wandering through various online fashion stores, whether to shop or look for inspiration for your site? Looking at big names like ASOS or Beastmode, you can see their eye-catcher is the promotion banners that are carefully designed and positioned. If you are tempted to click them, maybe you are wondering how your shop can attract customers similarly. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the essential tips for you to make the most of WordPress banner on your eCommerce store.

Define the target for your WordPress banner

Knowing your target audience can help you choose the promoted deal, design selection, and even position. It’s important to create more than just an attractive banner on its own, but also a banner that stands in the right place and is noticeable to the right people.

wordpress banners target

Banners for men and women (Example on Nitro)

For content, practice makes perfect of course, but learning from the best is better. You can try out this article for a very interesting guideline about Apple’s copywriting style. You will get 11 techniques analyzed from the copy of iPhone 5 – one of their most commercially successful products yet. In general, keep it short and sweet, but sexy.

Moving on to the look of your WordPress banner. Even if the design is a separate team, you – being the decision maker – still need to know some of these essentials:


Choose the right images

Don’t mind spending time looking for the most relevant and attractive ones. If you are using your products to promote, then grab your tripod and let’s take some pictures! For online sources, Shutterstock and iStock are the most popular for royalty-free images. However, no matter what method you use, the products should always be the star of the show and look professional on display.

wordpress banners nitro image

Choose images that complimentyour product and promotion. (Example on Nitro)

Study your CTA

First of all, you should decide how the CTA will look like. While most people are well aware of how the whole banner is clickable, we are pretty used to using buttons. So although another text line may be more eye-pleasing to the overall design, you should still consider inserting a big old button for your customers to know best where they can get the deal. Furthermore, you should position and color so that it is easy to find.

Secondly, consider your CTA text carefully. It should be action-oriented, precise, and to-the-point. If you are split between two choices, A/B testing is your friend.

Be precise about your CTA text

Image credit: Lands’end Website

Unify your WordPress banner

It is common to have several banners on your site, whether of the same or different deals. Nevertheless, they should follow some common concepts. This practice is helpful for your branding and UX. Customers may find it quite confusing when ads promoting the same deal have different messages; unifying them creates a coherent flow and promotes your brand consistency.

wordpress banners main promo

Here’s the main promo banner on homepage of GAP

wordpress banners side promo

This banner style is also replicated on shop sidebar

Position your WordPress banner strategically

People will have to see them first before reading and clicking, right? It’s quite obvious to place the associating deals on the product list page or the biggest and newest promotions on your homepage. Of course, ads appearing above the scroll, but under the main menu, usually get the highest click-through rate.

wordpress banners position

The ideal place for primary banner: under main menu, no scroll needed

Image credit: Le Chateau Website


Don’t hesitate to utilize the space you have

wordpress banners kidoki

Banners inside MegaMenu of Nitro kid fashion WordPress theme

Furthermore, you can also sneak one WordPress banner (or maybe multiple ones) at the very end of each blog post, as it is the place customers stop to think a bit about what to do next.


Wrap up

Got the tips? Let’s bring it into action ASAP! If you have problems with creation, here in our Nitro documentation, we have included a detailed guide to using our WordPress banner builder. Hopefully, you have felt fully equipped with your WordPress banner how-to package, don’tforget to tell us your experience in the below comment section.

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