Design Freebies: Pick-ups of the week #2

This is the second collection of weekly design freebies for designers and developers by WooRockets team. This week we’re going to have many more cool tools to be added in your storage.

Sit back and enjoy!

Free Icons

168 Free Vector Stroke Icons (Download)

Stroke icons have been becoming popular after the launch of iOS7. If you love minimal design, these 168 free icon sets are good extra touch to your design.


Education icons by Freepik (Download)

This collection has 199 free icons to be used in your educational theme development like online courses, universities or conferences, etc.

Free icon sets (60 icons) (Download)

Another beautiful collection for minimal style lovers!

Free Fonts

Farray Free font (Download)

Arxel (Download)

Arxelis a free San Serif display typeface. The font brings a futuristic/modern look. You can use Arxel for a wide variety of works and displays.

Akura Popo (Download)

Akura Popo is a vintage and classic condensed serif font/typeface with bold, strong and tough looking style. Suits best for logo, headline, letterhead, etc.

Serendipity (Download)

Serendipity is an experimental typeface with a modern twist.

QG (Download)

QG is a sans serif typeface with simple curves and abstract lines, leaving something to the imagination.

Metria (Download)

Free Design Kits

Free flat user interface kit (Download)

Transparent UI kit (Download)

Flat UI Kit (Download)


Free Hexagon Backgrounds (Download)

Free Template Designs

Bar graph template (Download)

iPhone, iPad and iMac Mockup Templates (Download)

Free Disco Balls Pack (Download)


Free Design Tools and Animations

Glyphr Studio (Get it)

Glyphr Studio is a free, HTML 5 based font editor.


Scroll Magic (Get it)

ScrollMagicis a jQuery plugin for creating scroll interactions, including starting animations at a specific scroll position, synchronizing an animation to scrollbar movement, and more.


CSS Shake (Get it)

Some CSS classes to move your DOM.


Sticker.js (Get it)

A Javascript library that allows you to create a Sticker Effect. No dependencies (jQuery not required) and MIT License.

Croppic (Get it)

Croppic is an image cropping jquery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more.

Cerberus (Get it)

A few simple, but solid patterns for responsive HTML emails. Even in Outlook.

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by Vivian Vu

I'm a proud minion in the WooRockets Team. Enjoy life, music, writing blogs and LOVE to read comments for my blogs - So feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment right below or tweet me @vivianjedi

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