Why ONE Is The One And Only WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need To Buy

There are reasons why we call this theme ONE. It’s the first theme we have released under the WooRockets name, the start of something awesome. It doesn’t mean our next themes will be called Two, Three, etc. It’s way more uncreative. The biggest reason why ONE is ONE because we believe it’s “the one”.

Let me tell you why.

ONE’s front end is integrated with WR PageBuilder to achieve a sleek and intuitive design, as well as a wonderful experience for users.

WooCommerce Ready

Love WooCommerce? We love it too, and that’s why ONE fully supports WooCommerce. In case you don’t know what WooCommerce is, don’t worry. Our easy editor will help you get used to it. Making beautiful shop is now a piece of cake. ONE enables you to turn your website into a fully functional e-commerce store right out of the box.


More than just an online-store. We care about your business, that’s why we do our best to meet your every need. ONE is a multi-purpose theme, so you can use it for your portfolio, blog, etc.

There are even under construction designs for you to choose from to make sure your site is awesome even while it is being built.

Currently we have 8 designs to start with, but this number will continue to increase in the future. Let us know if there is anything we should add.

Beautifully Built for Best Experience

ONE supports parallax background on every page section, even on mobile devices, along with many other background styles thanks to the responsive design. Also don’t worry about retina display, we got it right.

ONE also supports Font Awesome and Google Fonts.

We have included Slider Revolution into the theme files so you can save $12 for the license and freely create an unlimited number of sliders.


Don’t be afraid of complex functionality. We believe that simple is the best. All our stunning features can be used with a just click or two very easy to set up, and comfortable to use.

Final Thoughts

We know how hard it is to find a suitable theme for your website. With ONE we believe the answer is here. It suits all of your purposes, from portfolio, corporate website to personal blog. Still not convinced? Why don’t you give it a try and tell us what you think?

by Chau Cao

Chau is an ordinary person who occasionally has extraordinary thoughts. People often find her innovative, helpful and knowledgeable but most of the time, weird. Deep down she is just an introvert sarcastic foodaholic with a big heart (and stomach) and an open mind. Chau loves writing as much as spending a rainy afternoon with her cat and a cup of tea.

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