Nitro WooCommerce theme status update. New ecommerce project is coming.

It has been a quite long time since the latest update with status review of Nitro WooCommerce theme and its future. Today I’m going to get you a quick update about our current condition and the some details about our coming ecommerce project. It’ll be a few recap with what we were working for a few months and it’s close to the first release. Now, just a little bit about Nitro WooCommerce theme.


Over 2,000+ sales. 4.8 rating from 149 reviews. Customers keep coming and returning.

Since our first release in the last September we reached the milestone with more than 1,800 sales and it’s still counting with each day distributing Nitro WooCommerce theme exclusively for ThemeForest marketplace. We have seen our customers coming back and buying the second, third and further licenses for their clients website. There is the reason behind the cause and we understand that further product care and support assistance is 02 ingredients that matters for any businesses.

nitro woocommerce theme on themeforest marketplace


With the product we still keep 02 product releases each month. The serious update which cause some issues but fixed and now is gone related to WooCommerce 3.0 update. There was long nights with bugs fixes and making WooCommerce 3.0 plus popular plugins compatible with Nitro theme. The changes as always have been noted carefully in Nitro changelog so you can see what was changed in details.


The next thing was with customer support and platform that we stick with. The past solution with Intercom was good, but sometimes didn’t work well and it the cost was a little bit expensive, so it’s just not worth for keeping such support way. It was good from the point of the release brand new product and continuous communication 1on1 way with the problem and solution. However, the solution that worked well for one customer couldn’t be revealed for another customer which definitely was waste. Thus, we decided to research further and find out support solution that could fulfil sharing knowledge and fitting ThemeForest marketplace. We’ve found it and it’s Ticksy forum / ticket support system. Now, the responses from customers are a quite transparent and other in our community can benefit from that with searching.


Single Product niche demo. Interest demand with product presentation.

The latest experiment with WooCommerce niche demo was related to fulfill the customers demand with the Single product ecommerce website. You might still remember this release called TasteTea Single Product WooCommerce theme. A few months ago with the permission of you when installing Nitro theme we asked about collecting information and found out that TasteTea was one of top 05 demos used for the starting base of building the future WooCommerce website. With the concept TasteTea we experimented with building highly customizable layout telling the story about the single product. Less attention to the rest pages of the whole website. The result showed the clear demand in just presenting the product in different angle.


Further, we took a look at the team brainstorming and looked at the solution that could just fulfill with presenting the product and testing it with selling on the market. WooCommerce is a quite good for customization and long term investment with modification to fit the customer’s demand. However, when we as merchant want to test whether the product fit the market, we need to build the web page fast with essential ecommerce functionality. WooCommerce solution takes the time with finding ecommerce plugins, hiring a qualified developer to setup it. It cost the money and time which we really are not sure whether selling online would work for our product.


So we did a deep research with solutions available on the market. Talking with customers we have noticed that some of them also work on other platform solutions. The solution that mentioned and took our attention was Shopify. We’ve discovered that Shopify could be a good fit with our coming ecommmerce project. Shopify is like “all in one package” for building ecommerce website fast and most important reliable for the affordable cost. Starting with basic subscription for $29 you have hosting, SSL and CDN included in the package. As the additional value to the initial cost is the ease of use the platform itself. Building the ecommerce website or single product page was a breeze and dead easy. And now… some words about coming ecommerce project.


PageFly – Ecommerce landing page builder for Shopify.

It’s hard to resist the fact that ecommerce is rapidly growing around the world across America, Europe and Asia. There is the high demand for businesses have the online presence. They have been doing the traditional retail for a quite long time and it is right moment to go online with expanding business or finding the new market.


And PageFly is coming to the town to fulfill that demand. PageFly is the landing page builder app for Shopify merchant who have needs in building single product page, or advanced collection or product page. The main role of PageFly is help ecommerce merchant to build ecommerce landing page quickly at the affordable price. In addition, the differentiation PageFly with other apps on the market that it has built – in Analytics dashboard. The merchant can build the highly customizable product landing page and see how many sales it bring to the organization. You’ll able to see the performance of the landing page via native Google Analytics integration or other analytics tool available on the market. If you’re new to Shopify (as we have been about a few months ago), so go ahead and discover what Shopify is. As for familiar with Shopify platform we welcome you to take a look at what PageFly is and how it can help your business get more sales

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