Nitro WooCommerce theme Performance. Just a short review

2 weeks passed from the previous post about what WooRockets Team is back and Nitro theme introduction. Now it’s the second post about the further status of Nitro theme. In this post, we’d like to take a short woocommerce theme performance test drive Nitro theme and most popular WooCommerce themes on marketplace. How Nitro performs in reality? Let’s take a look at this brief report.

Performance Tools

I’ve talked with web developers and agencies, as well as Nitro beta users too. In general, people has chosen Pingdom as a trusted tool to check the performance of the website (theme). However, I’d like to share top 5 performance checking tools that are worth trying.

  5. PageSpeed Insight by Google

What matters in website performance?

We all know, or someone who are new to the “performance” word that there are 2 things to consider: website content and hosting. The content consists from text + images and video (page content) and theme (HTML / CSS / JS files). The second one is more technical and not many developers pay attention to it because what matters most is the theme itself and how it’s designed.
Going further, we’ve chosen 5 most popular WooCommerce themesdistributed on ThemeForest and ran through Pingdom for WooCommerce theme performance test. Two essential factors are “page loading time” and “speed score” on which we took eyes closely.

Atelier Theme

atelier theme

Atelier WooCommerce theme performance on Pingdom.

Atelier live demo


shopkeeper theme

Shopkeeper theme performance on Pingdom.

Shopkeeper live demo


suprema theme

Suprema WooCommerce theme performance on Pingdom.

Suprema live demo

The Retailer

the retailer theme

The Retailer theme performance on Pingdom.

The Retailer live demo


flatsome theme

Flatsome theme performance on Pingdom.

Flatsome live demo

Nitro WooCommerce theme performance test with numbers

Finally, the turn moves to Nitro theme and we’ve used two most popular tools including Pingdom and GTMetrix. To be honest with you, we’ve optimized the hosting side as well with MaxCDN company.

Pingdom test

nitro woocommerce theme performance test with pingdom

Nitro WooCommerce theme performance on Pingdom.

GTMetrix test

Tested on 6 May before code & hosting optimization.

nitro woocommerce theme performance test with gtmetrix 6 may

Nitro WooCommerce theme performance on GTMetrix

Now, Nitro’s page loading time is better, but there is still the room for enhancement with PageSpeed Score and YSlow Score. After looking at the report and suggestions from GTMetrix, we’ve found that it’s related to the content of Nitro theme demo itself, so images will need to be optimized.

Update:the image below has been captured 11 May.

nitro theme gtmetrix

Nitro performance update 16 May

nitro performance 16 may

Last but not least, we’ll keep you updated with upcoming article about Nitro. If you wish to play with Nitro, go ahead and sign up for Nitro Beta testing program or check out latest sneak peak preview.

Update Nitro WooCommerce theme10 December 2016

The Nitro WooCommerce theme has been finally released, and you can test drive on performance with any niche eCommerce demo. Right now, you can test drive WooCommerce speed with 21 ready to use Nitro themes demos and find the best that matches your business mostly. Our developers have finally made the web page loading speed each WooCommerce demo under 3 seconds. You can see it clearly with Pingdom testing tool. Each testing tool has the own unique approach to estimation the performance of the website. Our next step is to optimize the Nitro for Google Page Speed Insights tool.

Test Nitro WooCommerce Theme speed

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