Nitro Wholesale WooCommerce theme, W3 Total Cache compatibliity and more

A week passed since the latest Nitro weekly recap about WordPress 4.7 compatibility, quick cart update, and improvement in the theme’s performance. In this release we’ve shipped Nitro WooCommerce theme 1.2.4 with significant UX improvement of Nitro WooCommerce currency plugin, full W3 Total Cache plugin compatibility, new a brand new wholesales eCommerce WordPress theme demo, Internet Explorer 10 browser compatibility and bugs fixes with small improvements. You can see the the outline list of things shipped in version 1.2.4 via Nitro theme change log. But now, let’s take a look at details of this release.

Compatible fully with W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is one of the famous cache plugins that significantly can improve your website performance. In the previous Nitro theme versions, we’ve made it partly compatible only. But since the version 1.2.4 all features including eCommerce built – in plugins are fully compatible with W3 Total Cache. To be precise, Nitro Header WordPress builder is now working flawlessly with this cache plugin. Well, rest assured that you can feel confident that Nitro runs smoothly with two most popular cache plugins WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache with 2+ million active installs together.


Citiz Market – 22th Nitro WooCommerce theme for wholesale stores

We call 22th and previous niches as WooCommerce theme because it’s truly a theme with appropriate eCommerce pages like Shop, Product Page, Cart, Checkout and other pages belonging to the online shopping users’ flow. Nitro WooCommerce theme is not just a starter theme for the early September with the first release. Now, it’s equipped with 22 WordPress demo focused on eCommerce niches. In this release, we’d like to introduce to you WooCommerce theme for the wholesales websites. Just a quick look at the design of relevant pages when it comes to building online store based on WooCommerce.
Citiz Market is unique wholesale WooCommerce theme and to demonstrate how it’s flexible, we’ve created 12 product categories from beauty & health to sport equipment and gears. The design was crafted in the way that you can place any products and still keep the great user experience feeling like “home.”

Visit Demo


Shop & Product Category Pages

The great challenge in this eCommerce niche is designing the layout that could showcase different kind of products from automotive accessories to baby toys. It’s like the shopping mall in real life, so the overall concept should look like “all in one” store. Just take a look of how actually our designer and developers executed this mission.

citiz-market-wholesale-woocommerce-theme-home citiz-market-souvenirs-shop

Going further with most important page is Product Page for showcasing the products


Contact & About Us pages

The standard eCommerce pages are included into the wholesale website design made for Nitro theme.

citiz-market-contact citiz-market-checkout-page citiz-market-cart-page

WR Share for Discount plugin update

If you’re new to this great eCommerce feature, so the concept is simple. You let shoppers share the lovely product via social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+. For this great activities, you reward the users a good discount. The discount is automatically applied to the particular product or cart value automatically. No hassle with inserting the specific coupon code which might decrease the conversion rate. Fewer steps to the “thank you” page so better user experience. With this approach, we maximize the core value of WordPress itself – flexibility in the website customization.

In Nitro 1.2.4 we have two important updates regarding WR share for Discount WooCommerce plugin. The first one is related to the updates of small help tooltip icon near parameter settings.

The second news is WR Share for Discount support two new parameters allowing you to control the global settings of discount value and products that the discount is applied. In the past, you would have to go to each product and enable this feature. However, since this version all controlled from Global level via WooCommerce -> Settings -> Share for Discounts.


Compatible Nitro IE 10+

The last thing to mention with Nitro 1.2.4 is it’s fully compatible with Internet Explorer browser starting with version 10. Our tester and developers worked hard together to check all standard WooCommerce shop pages for front – end display issues. Since now, Nitro looks almost 99% equally in comparison with popular web browsers in the market share such as Google Chrome, and Safari. Visit Nitro theme demo for exploring the best of its design.


There are just 2 weeks to the New Year and just 1 week to the Christmas eve, we’ll be shipping 1 more eCommerce niche demos related to the Single product / product lines. If you wish to get latest news about Nitro WooCommerce theme feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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