Nitro Theme Inside #1: Quick search in WordPress Theme Customizer, Watches store WooCommerce theme niche and other

There are so many things we wish to tell you about Nitro WooCommerce Theme and how it can benefit you when building an online store with WooCommerce. After the heated discussion within the team, we have decided to roll out the first post in the series Nitro Theme Inside. Well, in this time we’ll be discussing Quick Search in WordPress Theme Customizer, watches WordPress theme store, refined WooCommerce Account page exclusively available in Nitro theme and some plugins that are fully compatible and tested. Let’s move on…

Quick Search directly integrated into WordPress Theme Customizer

When the settings if Nitro WooCommerce theme goes up it’s going to find the right settings hard and save the time, it’s hard to remember especially for new users, so that’s moment when we released that it’s time to improve WordPress theme UX to a new level. And “voila”… Quick Search for WordPress Theme Customizer has been born. I’ve argued with my lead developer whether someone before us has created that feature and he with 1,000% assured me that nobody did it in the past. If you find any WooCommerce theme that has such feature just drop me a comment in the blog post, so he will get a free beer from me ;)… until the end of 2017.

With the first touch you’ll fall in love with it, just typing from third words then Nitro will try to guess what are you looking for and give plenty of options based on “search query”. Let’s say I’m at the WooCommerce Product Page and want to enable Wishlist icon, just typing “wis” and the parameter is showing up right away. Fast enough and convenient.

18th eCommerce Nitro niche: Watch WordPress store theme

Nitro welcomes one more eCommerce niche targeted especially to website builders who are looking for watch WordPress theme store. The overall design has been made based on research with about 50+ watches online store on the market and we outlined some essential functionality and designs elements that available in that niche. The performance is still excellent as other Nitro niche demos. As for the design, we’ve made the layout in the way of showcasing the primary watch product with four key features via WR Product Mapper plugin coming with each Nitro theme license. Scrolling down, you’ll see the intuitive navigation and directing users to appropriate categories.

Nitro WordPress watch theme store


The megamenu played also notable role with keeping watches brand logo, so shopper can easily find watches of favorite brand.

Nitro theme megamenu

The product mapper outlines key selling point of the product to catch the attention of shopper and increase sales.

Nitro theme product mapper

Refined WooCommerce Account page. One more UX experiment for Nitro Theme

We’ve come to the idea of redesigning WooCommerce Account page when our lead designer gave us the design for Digital Downloads WooCommerce theme. Well, there was necessary a place manage product downloads and finding necessary information on that page. Don’t much want to talk, instead just go ahead and visit Nitro WooCommerce Account page demo.

Just two snapshots before and after the touch of our web designer and WordPress developer.

Default Storefont WooCommerce theme

Default WooCommerce Account page Storefront theme

And now refined Nitro theme Account WooCommerce page:

Default WooCommerce Account Page

Or check this page’s design but for Watches Nitro niche demo.

Nitro theme woocommerce account page dark background


Gravity Forms & YITH Compare Premium WordPress plugins. Tested and compatible with Nitro theme

We are continuously testing new popular WordPress plugins on compatibility with Nitro theme. These two plugins join to the big collection of compatible WordPress plugins with Nitro theme. One more little step for making Nitro close to the universal WooCommerce theme for any store owners.

The last, but not least please follow Nitro change log, so you can easily update with the latest news.

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