WooRockets is back! Welcome Nitro – multipurpose WooCommerce store theme

Months passed since our latest blog post announcing the release of Michello WooCommerce theme. Just to let you know that we are still alive 🙂 and did provide support for our existing & new customers from that time ’till now.

By May 2015, we’ve decided to stop making new WooCommercestore themes to re-focus on the quality of the product and make it close to the needs of shop owners. We have put a lot of effort with researching and understanding needs of end customers. When the data is available, designers and developers worked with each other on the UX & performance of the theme. Now, it loads faster than the existing WooRockets themes and most of WooCommerce themes on the market. Now, let me tell you a little bit about this theme…

A quick intro NitroWooCommerce store theme

If you watch the Formula 1 race, you can imagine how fast the cars navigate on the track and maximize the speed in just for a few seconds. So Nitro WooCommerce themewas born with the aim to maximize the conversion rate of your shop based on WordPress & WooCommerce. Nitro represents what WooCommerce customers want to see in a theme including intuitive design (UX), robust performance (loading speed) and eCommerce functionalities (boosting sales).


Nitro WooCommerce store theme design

Source Dribbble

With Nitro’s design, we went with “minimal” way removing all unnecessary parts and leaving only important and matters to shoppers information on the site. From home page going to category and moving forward to product detail page, the shopper can find out the products that he wants at your shop and go straightforward to cart then checkout page. We paid attention to five essential pages for any eCommerce websites. The customer’s “journey” must be intuitive and smooth.


The design was the first challenge for Nitro WooCommerce theme. Looking at sneak peaks at Nitro Dribbble Project you can feel that. We even felt more confident when one Swedish customer looking at Nitro decided to get a quote for custom service project and agreed to hire our team. Wait a moment what about the performance of the site itself?


The theme’s performance was another challenge. There is still the room for improvement, but what Nitro is now is much better than existing WooCommerce-based themes as well as popular WooCommerce niche themes at Top Popular WordPress category at ThemeForest marketplace. Speed is what matters in any eCommerce sites after UX. We understood it quite clearly when talking with customers and spending countless hours reading “eCommerce consumer reports”. Surveying brought valuable insights to our team as well. From the theme’s point it was the serious improvement, but don’t forget to optimize two important factors as well: content & hosting. In order to keep the Nitro “lightweight” and load quickly, we haven’t used any theme’s frameworks. Nitro is fully hand-code WordPress WooCommerce store theme. Why do we have to keep unnecessary pieces of code in the Nitro theme itself? Make the Nitro clean and well structured was the main goal during development processand it took a lot of sleepless nights.


The design is done, the Nitro BETA WooCommerce theme is ready and under massive testing. What’s next?
As a business owner, every morning I wake up and try to answer the question: How to increase the conversion rate from my eCommerce site? Well, Nitro moved forward with essential plugins to boost the conversion rate of WooCommerce websites. Small plugins / features that have serious impacts on WooCommerce sales have been built exclusively for Nitro theme:

  • Product Quick View
  • Sales Countdown
  • Product Photo Zoom
  • Product Live Search
  • Share for Discount
  • Product Custom Attributes
  • Product Out of Stock
  • Product Mapper

and more are coming. If you noticed that something is missing. We’re looking to hear your feedback.

A lot of “Product” has been mentioned there. The good way to sell the product is to represent it really well, that’s why Nitro includes product’s related features. In addition, Nitro has Product Builder for Visual Composer. With this addition, you can build a custom product detail page with any elements coming from Visual Composer page builder. Another thing worth to mention is built – in WooCommerce product search pluginWR Live Searchallowing users easily find the desired product. It has ajax search mechanism so typing from 3rd words it will give you the list of potential products that you’re looking for.

WooCommerce store theme Design Preview


Source Dribbble

Nitro’s main demo comes with unique homepage, categories, product detail, cart, checkout and other eCommerce pages covering Fashion & Clothing topic. In addition with the initial release, you’ll see that Nitro has 15 custom crafted design layouts covering almost all popular eCommerce niches. We call them “niche demos”. Each niche demo has an unique design which is specifically tailored for that industry. Well matched industry design is to convert users.

WooCommerce demoniche that we have covered for nowincludes following. You can feel the look of niche eCommerce demos visiting below WooCommerce demo with Nitro theme.


But that’s only the beginning. We’re working actively on new niche designs covering new industries which could help you build a professional niche eCommerce store. As always, we’re happy to hear any feedbacks from you. Just drop us an email.By the end of this 2016 year we plan to bring in summary 24 WooCommerce store themes in 1 package called Nitro.

If you’re reading ’till this line, we believe you’ve got some interests in Nitro multi-niche WooCommerce theme.

The Nitro WooCommerce theme Status & Progress

Nitro went out from our “bakery” and now is available in the BETA version. We’re heavily testing day by day to reach the “perfection” and bug-free.

If you wish to get to know about latest news with Nitro theme, feel free to join our exclusive mailing list.

New Updates:

September 5 2016

Nitro WooCommerce theme is finally released and you can see live demo and read more about it. After 16 months, ThemeForest reviewers finally approved it and passed all requirements and standards.

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November 13 2016

Since today you can access to Nitro WooCommerce demo admin dashboard. With this great feature you can test drive whether Nitro is fully compatible with 3rd party plugins and look at redesigned WordPress Theme Customizer. Visiting any Nitro WooCommerce demo you can see the right tab called “TRY DEMO” for example with WordPress fashion template niche. Click here to test drive the performance of Nitro WooCommerce theme.

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