Nitro 1.2.5 – SEO Optimized WordPress theme with Schema support and more

In this release with version number 1.2.5 we mainly focus on making Nitro as the fully 100% SEO optimized WordPress theme on the market. The SEO optimization covers both code implementation with Schema standard support and settings that allow you to add more content on Shop Category pages. With the new version, you’ll get some theme’s improvement and bugs fixes as well. If you want to see, Nitro WooCommerce theme progress read in full details with Nitro change log. As for now, let’s discover in details what’s new in the version 1.2.5

Nitro is now WooCommerce SEO friendly theme

Since version 1.2.5 Nitro now truly can be called SEO Optimized WordPress theme with the implementation of standard. For those who are new to Schema standard, it’s the initiative from the community around the world to make the structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. The WooCommerce plugin by itself already was using some Schema markups such as Product, or Offer, InStock. You can find those markups and make sure that they are available in the WooCommerce product page shop by “Inspect feature” of Chrome web browser. Since this Nitro release, we have implemented all possible Schema markups standard on other elements of WordPress itself such as pages and blogs posts. Google crawling bots now can read and understand your content better which leads to higher page ranking. This standard is followed and sponsored not only by Google but Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo join as well.


Let’s go with details and take a look at the Nitro WooCommerce theme Shop page. By inspecting the web element on the page, you can find some markups such as WebPage, WPHeader, SiteNavigationElement, SearchAction, and WPFooter. The full description of WPHeader for example, you can read at here. In this case, the search crawling bot clearly sees the structured data of the web page and get the right content.

For the standard WordPress page the Schema markup will look like the image below


And that’s not all improvement related to SEO of Nitro theme. One of must have things that many customers require and SEO experts know about it is adding the content at the Category Shop page. Even Volusion eCommerce CMS official blog write in details and educate its audience about the increased SEO by adding content on Category Pages. The best if you fulfill the unique content for each category of your online store. The content should not only consist of pure text, but it should have links as well to other pages of the website. In that way, you increase the power of SEO internal linking between pages and help Googlebot find content easily. We’re in the process of updating the Nitro WordPress demo to showcase your that feature. Meanwhile, I’ve just replicated of what Nitro theme can do with our dev site. You even can try it right now with latest version 1.2.5 and start getting traffic from search engines.

You might be wondering how to put that piece of data to the Category Page. It’s really simple. All you have to do is creating a new Sidebar via Appearance – Widgets.


Then add this newly created sidebar above the product list via Nitro WordPress Customizer option


That’s simple, and we believe that every Nitro customers deserve to get this benefit. In nowadays we talk about investing in the Content Marketing and Nitro theme support hugely in the content creation process. The next step of improvement content presentation on Category Page is related to higher level of website usability. Let’s assume that you’ll need to put more content on the Category page, but you don’t want to distract shoppers from reading the long paragraphs (good for SEO, but not really for the user). So it comes the “read more” button when the shopper click if he wants to read more information about that category. By default above the product, list will be displayed the short paragraph with Category introduction only. Our developers already take into account this point and work on the solution to accomplish this mission.

Nitro WordPress Customizer. Bugs fixes with mobile layout.

Nitro theme is tightly integrated with WordPress Customizer. The overall control dashboard happens via the Customizer, and recently we have found that mobile switching icons don’t work properly. When you click on the tablet or mobile icons, the preview doesn’t refresh to represent the mobile layout. However, in this version Nitro release this issue has been fixed entirely.


Search styles of Header Builder is available for mobile layout

As you might know, Nitro theme has AJAX product live search, and it’s integrated with Nitro Header Builder. In the previous version, the shop owners could choose any one of 5 Search layout styles. It was available only in the Desktop layout of header builder. However, since version Nitro 1.2.5 all layout styles are available in Mobile design of Header Builder as well.


Product Category. Showcase products up to 6 columns.

At the beginning, Nitro theme was designed with configuring the Shop page grid layout up to 4 columns of product items. We thought that it was enough for customers to showcase all the goods. However, we were wrong and more, and more customers asked whether Nitro can increase presentation the products up to 6 columns. Well, Nitro can do that now, and every Nitro shop owners can easily configure the product category layout in that way. As usually the settings are done via Nitro WordPress customizer with choosing Number of columns parameter as 6.


Product Sales badge update

Previously the sales badge had a green light and dark green color depending on the selling discount amount. There was no consistency and clear UX with showcasing sales products items. We have solved that issue by making the badge attractive with red color and defined fixed color for sales items. Since now, all sales products have the red badge with the discount amount at the center.


Add option to hide “Quick Product View”

This is one of the requests from our customers coming via 1on1 chat with Nitro Support chat of Development and Customer Satisfaction teams. Some of Nitro shop owners wanted to show only the product thumbnail and option “Add to cart” or “Choose the option” via the product details. Thus, we have decided to include more one setting allowing you to whether enable “Quick View” product icon or not.


And the last thing which worth to mention is this blog post is the brand new eCommerce niche. Our 24th Nitro WooCommerce theme called TasteTea focused on presentation Single product or Product lines. In this case, we have chosen green tea as the natural source which manufacturers can produce a different kind of cosmetics, and food products. The beginning of the page we started with informative block section about the natural resource itself, the process of making the product, outlining its benefits and ends with the list of products that they have been made. The shopper can navigate and find the product that matches his need directly from the home page. In this design, we implemented the storytelling concept to attract the attention of the shopper. With this idea, you can increase the Page On Time of the website. Thus affect positively on overall SEO of the site. Also, to support shop owners with occasional promotion campaigns, we reserved the hot place for graphic banners. Put weekly advertising message or dynamic sales countdown to boost sales of the particular product.


After telling about benefits of natural resource we navigate the shoppers to the products which are made from the natural resource. At this area, you can present the list of different products including those that on special “sales promotion” campaign.


Next, scrolling down the shopper see the exclusive recipe section created by custom built – in WR Product Mapper. With this WordPress plugin, you can pin some keypoint of the product. Right after the product close look we have put the Certification area from health organizations.


The home page designs end with Social connection elements such as Instagram photo area with CTA “Follow” via Instagram. Right after social block we have put the newsletter subscriber box to collect leads email addresses. Well, Nitro 24th WooCommerce theme is finally done, and it ships with other great WooCommerce designs with version 1.2.5. As usually in addition to new things we have made some bugs fixes related to the Cart area of WooCommerce store and RTL layout support.
There are other things that we planned to ship with version 1.2.5, but we’ll be adding all of them to further Nitro versions. For example, many Nitro customers care about Nitro performance, and not all know that the performance optimization comes not only from the theme itself but from choosing the right hosting, capturing graphic images in the smart way and its size optimization.

Update. YITH Product Add on WordPress plugin compatibility

I’ve just got the latest news from our lead developer of WooRockets Team, with this version we have added one more WordPress plugin to the compatibility list. What do we mean under “compatibility”? Well, first of all, both Nitro Theme with plugins coming with theme’s package have been tested from a functionality point of view with YITH Product Add plugin. Secondly, we made sure that front – end appearance of this plugin are displayed finely with Nitro theme. To be precise some snapshots of front – end issue our tester found out and we have fixed them completely. It’s 33th WordPress plugin in the list of Nitro theme and plugins compatibility list.

Click on thumbnails below to see the gallery of images with front – end issues we have fixed.

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