Looking Back at WooConf 2014 Sharing from Tanaka Shohei

Over a month has passed yet it still seems like yesterday to many WooConf attendees, including my friend Tanaka Shohei.

Tanaka has recently followed WooRockets on our Facebook page. When our WooConf 2014 recap published and shared on our fan page, Tanaka immediately shared his impression with the event.

I decided to contact Tanaka and asked him more about WooConf 2014 as he is living in Hyogo, Japan while I’m in Japan too. So, after all the messages and appointment, I had a chance to chat with this very nice and friendly guy about WooConf 2014.

Here are his honest thoughts on the event from my notes through our talk let’s have a look back at WooConf 2014 and get to know our guest Tanaka Shohei this time!

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Tanaka speaking at WordCamp Tokyo 2014

Tanaka is a proofreader for WooCommerce translation project. He is also making some plugins for WooCommerce (to make it better) and owns a web developing company in Japan.

Talking about his WooCommerce translation project, Tanaka shared that it’s an ongoing initiative to localize WooCommerce to several major languages namely, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

Plus, he is very eager to help us to translate WooRockets’s WR Pagebuilder into Japanese (thank you so much, Tanaka!).

Tanaka is involved in WooCommerce projects so he shared that he really wants to know more about WooCommerce. He believes meeting up with people in WooCommerce community will definitely help a lot in understanding WooCommerce situation. He also yearns to improve his skills.

That’s why Tanaka went to WooConf 2014 event. To be able to attend the event, he said he had to prepare in many months in advance. He prepared some discussion points (what would make a good e-commerce website, how to increase the conversion rate) and also a proposal for potential partnership. However, Tanaka confessed that his English was not really good so he couldn’t set up any partnership there yet. He was just able to make some connections with other WooCommerce ninjas there. Until now, he’s glad that he’s still in touch with them.

I’m with Tanaka in so many things there. WooConf like WordCamp, is a precious opportunity for people in the same field meet, share experiences and more than that, get to know each other and form their borderless friendship above all the business benefits.

In Tanaka’s memory, WooConf 2014 was a good feeling space and atmosphere. People were very very friendly. The reception was good for talking with speakers. He laughed about he didn’t eat much because of talking a lot with other fellows there. I wonder I would be the same if I could be there!

Most of the sessions were interesting presentations by speakers (if you need to look them up, why not go back to our WooConf 2014 recap), and the workshops were really interactive. He attended the developers’ track to improve his skills. Of course, he took a lot of notes and learnt many things from these talks. Oh, and Tanaka himself also had chance to contribute to some discussions.

During the event, Tanaka shared that he met the core developers of WooCommerce and some fellow WooCommerce developers. They did really become his inspiration. He is also happy that he made some good friends from the group in his workshop.

However, there were some difficulties in communication like language differences as Tanaka is not really good in English and time limit. Plus, most of the time the popular influencers in WooCommerce were always surrounded by the crowd so Tanaka really regrets that he didn’t have time to talk to them.

Despite the language difference, there wasn’t any clear cultural difference. They all shared the ‘developers’ culture’ (I like this opinion!). People are straightforward and open-minded. The event was so cool and Tanaka was proud to be a part of it.

When I asked about his favorite session, he said it was the one in which Nathan Barry author of Authority, and Founder and Designer of ConvertKit, advised how to Build a Profitable Audience. From their presentation, he could learn the techniques to build and grow a profitable blog. Some valuable tips like: selling your own products for the highest profit margin, using email marketing to increase conversions, and using perfect pricing to triple revenue.

Well, I did also ask him about how were the ninjas there. And Tanaka shared that besides their friendliness and openness, his impression is half of the participants including Nathan, “is a typical developer with glasses”, but half of them were more like normal people. He considered himself ‘normal’ (smile).

WooConf 2014 is a memorable event for Tanaka and he really enjoyed it. Of course, he’s going to attend the event next year too.

Did you join WooConf 2014? How was it? Let’s share and let’s meet in WooConf 2015, shall we?

Thank you so much Tanaka for spending time with me and your sharing about WooConf 2014.

You can get connected with him via his LinkedIn.

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