Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?

I’ve been sitting in my personal workplace corner and thinking: What am I going to write about WordPress and WooCommerce?

We’ve been crafting quite a lot of “technical” stuff in the WooRockets blog like WooCommerce tutorials, tips and tricks, news and updates, etc. And I’m glad that many of the WooRockets articles there have helped you guys learn more about WooCommerce and WordPress as well as its community.

As I let my mind wander, thinking “what’s next” for this blog, I found myself back to the time I first started with WordPress. It was 5 years ago my relationship with this CMS is quite a lot shorter in comparison to that of the major WordPress users out there.

So, let today be Lookback Monday and let’s share our WordPress story.

WordPress is love. WordPress is life. My WordPress Story.

Thank you Hannah @woorockets for this picture

In 2010, when I was a freshman in university, the most popular blogging platform in my country which was the Yahoo 360 blog was shut down and there was the emergence of Facebook. Bloggers like me were so familiar with the Yahoo 360 blog platform that Facebook Notes wasn’t something we could love. And Facebook Notes was too simple no post editor with the options we needed, no theme customizer, no category or tag system, nothing.

So I decided to look for another platform to satisfy my blogging desire that’s when I found WordPress. The first blog post published that day was the start of my story with WordPress. And I’ve been hooked since then.

I’m not the only one who got captured by the easiness and elegant simplicity of WordPress.

Kaz Wyatt shared that he “grew up wanting to be in the music industry” and he ran a record label. He did some research and after “trying out over 20 CMSs”, he got hooked on WordPress. His passion for this CMS platform was so deep that the guy switched his life goal to being a programmer and went from building blogs to applications for it.

Going for WordPress for the same reason, Don Miller the Head Web Guy at Don Miller Design, chose it as his “primary solution for clients who wanted simple websites but wanted to be able to edit the page content themselves without having to have any real knowledge of HTML”.

Miller also found WordPress to be very scalable, so he helps his clients with the basic things, then moves to additional features at their pace. It’s time saving and effective for both Miller and his clients.

As it growsbetter, with many improvements, there are more and more people who love using WordPress.

Sam Britton who is a web developer at WebfactoryUK, started his journey with Joomla! but found its UI difficult and “wore my mouse out clicking around so much”. Sam decided to have a go with WordPress and he’s so glad that he made the right choice.

For Taylor Clark, a designer and developer based in Washington, “WordPress later became the most attractive choice after gaining a snowballing growth of functionality and versatility”. He also switched from using “the original open source weblogging software” Grey matter to WordPress.

One more reason to love WordPress is its warm-hearted and dynamic community. Thanks to the power of every individual in the community, WordPress has come this far and become the most preferred CMS, with 23% market share.

Attracted by its community and then chose to stay with WordPress that’s the case of Justine Pretorious developer, designer and SEO expert. Her story began when she was working to create a WordPress website. It led her to the first WordCamp in her life Reno Tahoe WordCamp in 2011 and “it was inspiring”. Justine shared:

“I continued working at my day job and outside of work I learned about WordPress in my spare time. This led me to building a website for one of the local businesses and the next thing I knew I was quitting my day job and building websites for small businesses and non-profits. I love the power of WordPress and the community! Since 2011 I have attended and volunteered at the Reno Tahoe WordCamp.

This year [2014] I was able to go to Seattle WordCamp & San Francisco WordCamp. Both have inspired me to find how I can help the WordPress community. Still working on that so stay tuned. In the mean time I am still building WordPress websites for small businesses and non profits”.

I couldn’t agree more with her experience. I also attended the Hanoi WordCamp 2014 organized by Philip and Tuan Anhlast year and it was totally a milestone for me in my relationship with this hero CMS. I agree that being at such an event and diving into WordPress with other evangelists is the best way to learn and be inspired with it!

If you haven’t joined any groups yet or never taken part in a community event before, make sure from now, you will! Take a look at “Top Places To Dive into WordPress And WooCommerce Communities You Shouldn’t Miss” and get ready!

Why did you choose WordPress? Share your own WordPress story with the community.

Through my own story and other fellows, I’m even more confident to say that there are many reasons to choose WordPress over other CMSs. It also explains why WordPress stands tall among us today.

What made you decide to use WordPress and never look back? Curiosity? Fate? Or just because it’seasy for you? Share with me your story here. All hail WordPress!

2 thoughts on “Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?”

  1. Kyle Alm says:

    I got started on WordPress writing for a blog after the real estate market crashed in 2008. I wanted to get more traffic to the stories I was writing and it lead me to consulting. I’m still doing the same thing, writing and promotion on WordPress platforms for clients and for fun.

    1. Vivian Vu says:

      Hi Kyle,
      Thank you for sharing. Well, your story started with WordPress as a blogging tool, just like mine 😀

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