Let’s Join Our Beta Test of EasySlider – The WordPress Slider for UX Geeks

If you are a UX designer, developer or anyone who care about improving UX for your website and even the product you use, don’t skip this chance to grab the WordPress Slider designed just for you!

Today we are eager to announceabout our latest work, a brand new WordPress plugin. Let us introduce to you EasySlider, the WordPress Slider for UX Geeks.

Hey, sound strange. For UX Geeks? Yes, correct. We know that finding a WordPress slider plugin is no hard. Actually thousands of sliders are available there. However,looking for a slider whichworks right foryour needs is a different story.

That’s why EasySlider was born!

EasySlider is the WordPress Slider For UX Geeks

EasySlide_WordPress Slider for UX geeks

Now give me a minute to tell you about highlighted features of EasySlider

Super User-Friendly Interface

EasySlider is designed and developed by our UX developers. If you are familiar with multimedia software for designers like Photoshop, Sketch, AI … you will easily get on well with its main dashboard. You do not use those software frequently? We gavesome developers to tryit for the first time. Easy to understand the flow and startto create slider is what we weremore than happy heardfrom them.

All slider settings are gathered in a full-width slider editor so that you can control every single elements of slider, from slides to each layers.You are able to drag and drop to rearrange layers and slides in one slider, add animation and control timing right from the dashboard. Hitting the preview button, you can live preview instantly your slider in real-time without switching between frontend and dashboard.

Optimized Performance

We keep checking loading speed and smoothness of EasySlider to save best performance for your site. Here is theresultsofloading speed test of EasySliderin comparison to some other popular slider plugins now. Loading speed test was implemented with GTmetrix.

EasySlider: 3.2s

Revolution Slider V5: 2.5s

Master Slider: 3.88s

Layer Slider:2.82s

Responsive WordPress Slider

Responsive is a buzz word and you may think “Fine, every slider plugins can tell they are”. But, we worked harder on responsiveness. Slides will be automatically adjusted based on a preset canvas to ensure all layers displayed in the right ratio compared to each others on different devices. Besides, EasySlider allows you to set canvas for PC, tablet and mobile deviceand you canmanually customize specific appearance for slides on each devicesize as you want.

responsive wordpress slider

Continously Improvedbased on your feedback

We are not 100%confident withour UX knowledge. The reason we dare tostate that EasySlider was designedfor UX geeks is we always listen to you, our users. EasySlider will be updated regularly regarding your comments and suggestions. No more hesitate to jump in our BETA Test and give us your comment now.

Join our BETA Test for EasySlider now

What you get when joining EasySliderBETA Test?

1 STABLE COPYof EasySlider sent to your mail box and 6-MONTH SUPPORT. The stable copy is improved regarding your feedback after this beta stage. We want to make sure you have in your handthe slider you love.

Click button below and just5 seconds more to enter your name, current position (we wish to know you in deed) and your email. We will send you the link to download BETAcopy to your mail box in a few days. Help us to create your own favoriteWordPress Slider plugin now!

Join EasySlider Beta Tester Team


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