Is WordPress a Good Solution for E-commerce? (Part II)

In Part I, we discussed the downsides of WordPress as a platform for e-commerce websites. Now let’s start Part II with the advantages of WordPress and some tips to run a good WordPress e-commerce website.

Let’s roll!

Why WordPress is good for e-commerce website

You’ve read through the gossip about WordPress weaknesses as an e-commerce platform and I also explained why it’s not always right for you.

Now let’s dig into the part where you’ll find why WordPress should be your choice for your e-commerce website.

WordPress has a large number of themes made for e-commerce

WooCommerce Themes are e-commerce focused


Browsing through the Themeforest or WordPress theme repository, you’ll see that there are an unbelievably large number of e-commerce themes. If you are the type that goes for eye-pleasing themes with unlimited options for customizization as well as being packed with different functionality, then you can choose a theme from Themeforest.

If you are for simplicity and have the mindset of a plugin’s functionality rather than a theme’s functionality, you can look for your favorite themes on or

The large number of available themes for e-commerce websites allows you to easily pick a theme that helps your website stand out from the crowd.

WordPress has many powerful plugins for e-commerce

There are many free of charge plugins out there (and they are really good) for you to build your WordPress website. WordPress plugins have enough to satisfy all your needs to run your online store successfully, from a review system and ratings, to live chat support, social integration, payment gateways, affiliate system, cart system, etc.

The most popular WordPress e-commerce extensions are from WooCommerce. Check out our list of 10 best WooCommerce extensions and add-ons for WordPress.

So is WordPress a good solution for e-commerce websites?

Everything has two sides, and so does WordPress. And although initially WordPress was designed for blogging, it has evolved very well for e-commerce purposes.

for me, all the ingredients for a great meal are ready-made. All it needs is your skill to put everything together into your website and make things work for you. My answer to the question is: “Yes, go for it”.

Helpful tips to make your WordPress e-commerce website perfect

Introduce product videos and quicktour videos on your product page.

Videos play an important role in advertising the benefits of your product as well as your message to your potential customers. It gives them a better, clearer look at what you’re selling.

Using Vine for your product’s videos is also a good and creative idea if you know how to utilize it. Take a look at these 13 ways to use Vine for e-commerce.

Optimize your large website’s speed.

Even if you’re selling good products and your marketing strategy is brilliant, if the site takes minutes to load then all the effort will be blown out of the water.

So, make sure to optimize your site’s speed by choosing a good web host, checking your site’s performance with tools like Pingdom or Google web developer tool, optimizing your database, using plugin-caching, etc., to ensure nothing will have a negative effect on the website’s loading speed.

SEO optimize your website.

Not only should you use SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, you should also pay attention to creating a SEO-friendly name for your product titles, as well as page titles, blog post titles, etc.

The better rank you have on search-engine result pages, the more likely you are to be found and get more potential customers.

Make the registration and check-out process as simple as possible.

Any form on your website be it a contact form, registration form, or billing form should ask for as little information as possible. For example, a Subscribe to Newsletter form should require email address only. Then you can email them and tell them to update their profile with name, age, or job later.

And nothing can discourage a purchase more than a long checkout form for example, let’s say it lasts 5 pages. Are you selling or not?

Oh, if you want to read more, here I give you the 5 most common mistakes on WordPress e-commerce websites to avoid.

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking about upgrading your e-commerce website, I think WordPress deserves a chance. Building a good e-commerce website is not only quick but easy. Plus, there are many advantages I told you about in this article.

Are you convinced yet? Share your thoughts with me and feel free to share this article with your friends who are interested in WordPress!

by Vivian Vu

I'm a proud minion in the WooRockets Team. Enjoy life, music, writing blogs and LOVE to read comments for my blogs - So feel free to connect with me by leaving a comment right below or tweet me @vivianjedi

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  1. Hi Vivian great post. I think that WordPress (WooCommerce) is a great solution for e-commerce stores – with the sheer ease and flexibility, Everyone I talk to that has it says it’s one of the easiest platforms to manage their online store from.

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