An Interview with Bryce Adams WooCommerce Developer at WooThemes

Starting a new year with WooCommerce by a small talk with a WooCommerce Developer andis a good idea, isn’t it?

This time I had the chance to have a quick chat with Bryce Adams from WooThemes. If you’re like me, you’ll probably know Bryce via WooCommerce Ninja team, his writings at his own website andactively participating in WordPress Community social groups.

Let’s start with introduce yourself to our readers.

interview-woocommerce-developer-bryce-adamsSure! My name’s Bryce and I’ve been a WordPress user for over 7 years and a developer for the past 3 years. I started by doing a bit of client work here and there, moving onto theme/plugin development and finally joined WooThemes almost 6 months ago.

Feel free to buzz Bryce via his Twitter @bryceadams or his website.

As far as I know, you’re one of the ninjas at WooThemes. How everything is going on here?

I joined WooThemes as a WooCommerce Ninja back in July. That basically means I spend most of my day helping out our users with their WooCommerce-related issues. I’ve been spending some time recently helping out with WooCommerce development too, from our extensions to core WooCommerce.

Regarding your experience with WooCommerce, what’s the most exciting thing you see in WooCommerce system? Clean code, easy to expand?

Definitely how easy it is to extend and customize. It’s also really cool to see people creating WooCommerce store within minutes – it’s just that easy to get started. The whole ecosystem around it is quite cool too, with many theme/plugin shops opening up that thrive of WooCommerce and other Woo products.

Could you please share some of the best practices when building an e-commerce website with WooCommerce?

I’d definitely recommend developers follow the documentation and actually look at the core code. I’ve also got a lot of useful development related posts on my site ( that will help developers get started with WooCommerce development.

Joining Advanced WooCommerce group from the start, what do you think about it?

It’s great! I’ve been an Advanced WooCommerce member for a while and it’s been cool to see the community grow there. It’s especially nice to watch one form purely around WooCommerce. A lot of the Woo team has joined the group too, which I think is pretty neat.

I love reading your blog posts – you’re on the Blogging for Hippo series, right? Do you find it’s hard to find new topics to write for it?

Yeah, there’s a few of us Woo people doing a blogging competition. We started around the 25th of November and have to blog everyday up until Christmas (25th of December). It’s definitely challenging, especially finding new, interesting topics to write about each day, but it’s very rewarding and I’m getting a lot out of it.

And I see that recently in Bangkok you guys have a meeting with other WordPress guys (you met Philip right? I also met this awesome guy in Hanoi WordCamp last time). Could you please share more about the meeting here?

I wrote about that the other day actually! We’ve gotten together a few times now, and it’s pretty much 50/50 split between Thais and foreigners, which is a good balance. It was great to have Philip attend and get to chat with him for a bit.

How do you think about WordPress/WooCommerce community in Thailand?

The community is great. It’s small, but we’re all very passionate and the language barrier has been conquered by having translators at each event. We’re excited about where it’s going and hope to do more frequent meet-ups, along with a WordCamp next year.

Where else did you join and meet other WordPress warriors around the world? I’d love to know that because I’m really curious about WordPress, especially WooCommerce community in other region outside Asia.

I haven’t had the chance to meet too many other WordPress people besides for in Thailand and recently San Francisco. It was really nice meeting the community at WordCamp SF though and I’m hoping to attend again in the future.

Thank you so much Bryce for your time! Let’s get back with each other for the upcoming updates from WooThemes. I’m sure I’ll need your help 🙂

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