[Infographic] Is Your WordPress Website Running Slow? Top 9 Reasons Why And How To Fix

Do you think your WordPress website is fast? Examine your website’s speed with Google page speed tool. Now tell me the result. Oops! It doesn’t score very well? Don’t worry. Look at these most common hindrances that make your WordPress website run like a snail. And it’s not so hard to get rid of things that slow your website down.

1. Installing Too Many Unnecessary Plugins

Being greedy in anything is never a good thing. Installing like 10 WordPress plugins but you only use 3 and the others are just here for show that’s so bad. Take a look at your installed plugins and delete unused ones.

2. Images With Too Big Size

Many people may not pay attention to this but uploading a badass image with large size contributes to help your website win the award “Slowest WordPress website”.

There are many ways to optimize your images before uploading. You can split a long post with many images to two or more pages so your website won’t have to load all images at once. Before uploading, compress images. There are many free WordPress plugins to help you do that, like WP-Smush.it plugin or EWWW Image Optimizer. Or you can also use lazy loading for images which means images will only be loaded when you scroll down to its part.

3. Keeping Too Many Post Revisions

WordPress automatically keeping post revisions each time you edit a post. Use define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );in wp-config.php to limit the maximum number of post revisions to 3.

4. Not Cleaning Up Database

WordPress will automatically clean your website’s database trash after each 30 days. It’s too long if there is too much stuff thrown away. Use define(‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 7); to automatically delete trash in 7 days instead of 30 days.

5. Using a Low Hosting

Bad hosting will affect your site’s loading speed seriously. You should only choose a truly reliable WordPress hosting package likeBlueHost and DreamHost.

6. Using a Poor Theme

There are many good free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes out there for you to choose. Remember to choose themes from trusted providers and start with solid and light ones. You can see how to choose free and premium WordPress themes here.

7. Having a Heavily Jammed Homepage

Don’t ever stuff too many bells and whistles on your Homepage. I agree that a homepage should be attractive to catch reader’s attention but it doesn’t mean it should be overly made up with tons of unnecessary things. Optimize content on homepage, remove needless sharing widgets and show only excerpts of posts are a few tips to make your home load faster and won’t make people leave in an instance.

8. Not utilizing caching for your WordPress website

Use cache plugin like W3 Total Cache to reduce the number of requests to your web server. Cache plugin does a lot more than that too regarding increasing your page load.

9. Not Using Content Delivery Network

Use CDN service like MaxCDN to fasten your website response time. CDN is Content Delivery Network which help copy and store your website’s data around the world so when a visitor goes to your site, they’ll have the copy of your data from the nearest center. Therefore, your website will load faster to all visitors, not just people who are near you.

Share the knowledge around. You’re more than welcome.

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by Vivian Vu

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