[Infographic] WordPress Functionality: Theme or Plugin?

WordPress functionality is a controversial topic for WordPress developers, theme / plugin providers and WordPress users out there.

Yes, it is controversial. Because if you are from different marketplace or community (Themeforest.net vs. WordPress.org), or if you are a freelance theme developer, you’ll have different opinions about where to put WordPress functionality.

In this infographic, we bring out an interesting perspective in WordPress functionality from WP Demo Builder. A look at the marketplace like Themeforest and explanation of where you should put functionality, WordPress theme or plugin.

Feel free to share the discussion around and share with us your opinion by commenting below.

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Updates by 7 December 2016. WordPress functionality from Nitro theme execution


From the date of publishing this blog post we’ve continued with further research of WordPress functionality and how WordPress / WooCommerce theme should be designed and developed with 2016 – 2017 trend. Thinking about the best web development practices, it’s good to keep only “must have” functionality in the theme. As for additional eCommerce features that give other benefits we’ve decided to create separate plugins. The result of research and implementation has been put intoNitro WooCommerce theme.How it looks like to be precise?

Well, the building WordPress website start with customization ability, and it’s essential for any WordPress / WooCommerce theme. Thus, the whole theme customization options have been realized via Nitro WordPress Theme Customizer. As foreCommerce features , there is the separation with WordPress plugins as WR Custom Attributes, WR Share For Discounts, WR Product Mapper and other. In this way, Nitro looks more flexible, and the webmaster will have to install only those plugins that he needs for making customized WooCommerce website. Fewer plugins also mean better performance and good UX.


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