[Infographic] 13 WordPress and WooCommerce Ninjas You Should Know About

Remember our previous post about the “Top places to dive into WordPress and WooCommerce communities you shouldn’t miss” which we wrote about WordPress Community? In that article, we introduced you the best places to learn WordPress/WooCommerce and get involved in the communities to become an expert in these two fields.

Besides, I think learning from the top WordPress influencers as well as amazing WordPress ninjas also helps you greatly too. So this time, let’s spend some minutes to check out the great guys WooCommerce ninjas. They’re working with 100% effort to bring better WooCommerce as well as extensions to the community.

Most of my favorite WooCommerceninjas I’ve found through WordPress community forum plus social media channel such as Facebook. They actively participate in contribution to this great Content Management System. So, find your own inspiration and heroes from the list below. Plus, if you know any other WordPress and WooCommerce experts that aren’t in this list yet, just let me know. Let the list go on and on with more names on the ninja board!

woocommerce ninjas to follow

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Btw, in the past we had a chance to interview WooCommerceexpertBryce Adams and awesome truly WordPress ninjasPhilip A. Moore and Tuan Anh. Philip is one of main contributor to Underscore themewhich has been chosen as the default starter WordPress theme. Tuan Anh is the local Vietnamese WordPress expert superstar with the great plugin Metabox. These guys have been with WordPress entirely from its beginning. I personally know Tuan Anh when he with Philip organized first WordPress meet-up in Hanoi, and WordCamp in Vietnam. They are working hard to push local WordPress Community with locatlization of WordPress.Read more aboutthese guyswith interesting interview about WordPress localization.

2 thoughts on “[Infographic] 13 WordPress and WooCommerce Ninjas You Should Know About”

  1. Kirby says:

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks very much for including us, we’re honoured to be part of this talented group!
    Just to let you know, Prospress is with a lowercase “p” – so Prospress is correct (not ProsPress).


    1. Vivian Vu says:

      Hi Kirby,
      Thank you for your comment. I had the infographic updated with “Prospress”.

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