(With Infographic) Welcome to WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” and Its New Features

WordPress 4.1 has officially released, after the beta version and 3 release candidates. To be honest, from the beta release, I was totally excited to try using the new features on my local as well as check WordPress News from 16th Dec for the official release.

After WordPress 3.9 ‘Jimmy Smith’ and 4.0 ‘Benny Goodman’ is4.1 ‘Dinah’. WordPress 4.1 is named after Dinah Washington to honor the jazz singer.

Overall, this last major release of the year has more visible changes and still focuses on blogging experience improvement for users.

Now, let’s take a look at the new features come in WordPress 4.1!

New default theme: Twenty Fifteen

WordPress 4.1 Twenty fifteen theme

This brand new default theme has the text-focused appearance with easy-to-read typography, no matter what screen size you’re browsing on.

This clean theme is born for bloggers with its content focused look a sidebar on the left with white space to emphasize the center content.

Furthermore, in WordPress 4.1, you won’t have Header or Background edit page anymore:

Wordpress 4.1 header and background

When clicking on these, you’ll be redirected to Theme Customizer:

WordPress 4.1 customizer

You can add custom images for both header and background image here

New distraction-free editor

Have a look at the two versions below:

wordpress 4.0 distraction free

WordPress 4.0 distraction-free mode

wordpress 4.1 distraction free

New WordPress 4.1 distraction-free mode

Instead of moving to a full-screen editor after clicking Distraction-free writing, now in WordPress 4.1, the editor just stays still and all the sidebars as well as other elements will be hidden. On mouse-moving, they will display/hide again. You don’t have to press Exit Full-screen mode to back to the normal editor mode.

This way, you have quicker access to distraction-free mode as well as meta boxes.

Just write.

New user login management

Wordpress 4.1 user session

WordPress 4.1 makes it easy for you to control where you can log in or log out from. Go to your Dashboard/User/Your profile, you’ll see all sessions you’re logged in and choose to log out from where you want.

Finer export functionality

wordpress 4.1 export

In this version you’ll have better control of what you want to export: categories, authors, postswith specific date range.

Plugin recommendations

wordpress 4.1 plugin recommendation

Based on what other users and you have been using, WordPress plugin installer provides some other popular plugins you might want to use for your website.

More languages to choose

wordpress 4.1 language

WordPress has been translated to 44 languages (and more on the way). Now you have more options and can freely choose any language you need for your WordPress website.

Embedding videos from Vine

wordpress 4.1 vine

In WordPress 4.1, you can both post an embed code of Vine video in your post text editor and post the video link from Vine. In both ways, it will display nicely. Check out the supported embeds here.

wordpress 4.1 vine

wordpress 4.1 vine

You can use embedded code, or.

wordpress 4.1 vine

Use direct link and post it into editor

What is waiting for you, developers?

From the bleeding edge nightlies, developers should, you should have already been testing the new WordPress 4.1 with your themes and plugins.

There are some underneath changes in WordPress 4.1 that developers should have a look at:

  • Improvements in core’s Theme APIs with new template tags
  • Better Taxonomy, Date, Meta and Comment queries check Here
  • Better support for the<title> tag WordPress now can better control complex document titles

WordPress 4.1 all new things in infographic

(With Infographic) Welcome to WordPress 4.1

Share this infographic on your website

Your opinion about WordPress 4.1?

After updating to the latest 4.1, what do you think about it? Tell me by commenting below.

For me, as a frequent WordPress blogger, I definitely like the smooth and fast distraction-free writing mode. I hope you guys find this post informative and like theWordPress 4.1 ‘Dinah’.

Don’t forget to share the news around too!

One thought on “(With Infographic) Welcome to WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” and Its New Features”

  1. Fahad Rafiq says:

    The newest version of WordPress isn’t just a change of number. It comes with improvements in Distraction Free Writing Mode and Image Inline Editing. Plus, you get newer features like easy Vine embedding, plugin recommendations, and logout from everywhere. It also has a brand new theme: Twenty-Fifteen.All the features details are here too: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/wordpress-4-1-dinah-review/

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