[Infographic] Tips and Tools you should know for WooCommerce Theme Development

We all know that WordPress is one of the most popular open source platforms not only for its ease-to-use nature but also for its versatility and solidity for any kind of website including eCommerce. Although building WooCommercethemes is pretty straight forward, you still need to work your brain off to become a good theme creator. We hope that when you start execution WooCommerce theme development you’ll find tips and tools below useful because it helped us a lot. You can see the output from tips below via Nitro WooCommerce theme demo. Visit demo here.

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Tips You Should Know to Make a Great eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Some tools you need for a better WooCommercetheme development

tldrlegal.com: Recommended by Tutplus, this tool helps you check popular licensed plugins used in your themes.

ThemeCheck: This is a free service that allows you to verify web themes or templates for security and code quality. ThemeCheck will scan through your theme to check if it’s compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Theme Unit Test: an XML file with a lot of dummy data. It’s useful to see how your theme handles the different types of content, including images, post formats, comments, embeds and more. This is also required for themes on WordPress.org.

Log Deprecated Notices: This tool checks if your theme or plugin is using any deprecated functions or arguments and notifies you if the function is not used correctly. Ithelps developers to make sure that their code is clean.

Debug Bar, Debug Bar Extender, Debug Bar Console: These 3 plugins are a must for developers. You can inspect queries, cache and other debug information. With Debug Bar Console, you can add a PHP/MySQL console to the debug bar in your browser.

Wrapping Up

There’s still so much to learn about building a good WooCommerceWordPress theme, right? We’ve used the best practice for building Nitro – Universal WooCommerce theme. We’ve taken into account all aspected mentioned in this article. Special attention when we mentioned “ease of use” we invested tremendous number of working hours for improving WordPress theme customizer into Nitro.

I hope that you find those tips and tools above helpful. Feel free to share this infographic around with your friends.

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