[Infographic] The State of WordPress in 2014 WordPress 2014 in Numbers

The last major release in 2014 WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” was out just 2 days ago and that is the final highlight for an amazing year of WordPress itself as well as the community.

2014 marked an tremendous year for WordPress growth as it has become much more popular with over 12 million websites using it alone (tracked by BuiltWith) and reached over 74+ million websites running with WordPress (both .com and .org). It also conquered a greater number of market share with other CMSs than last year with 3 major releases this year.

In Vietnam, 2014 is also an unforgettable year of local WordPress community with the 1st ever WordCamp in Vietnam WordCamp Hanoi 2014. The event was a success with lots of exchanged thoughts and “We gotta do this again next year”.

With the statistics in 2014 by Matt Mullenweg and from some other trusted resources, we made an infographic to show you what WordPress and its community have got throughout the year.

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FYI: The number of 12+ million website using WordPress is the number of websites using WordPress tracked by BuiltWith. Other numbers are from other resources like Matt’s presentation at WordCamp San Francisco and so on.

Impressive, isn’t it? Here’s to another remarkable year with WordPress!

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