[Infographic] How to Build a WooCommerce store on WordPress

We all know that WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce builders out there. And when we’re going to build WooCommerce store oftenoften interested with step by steps process.

In 2014, we witnessed the impressive development of WordPress with 23% market share, especially WooCommerce in the global scale. The first ever WooConf took place in San Francisco has marked the new development of WooCommerce community around the world.

Many online businesses are using WooCommerce to sell a massive number of products for international customers including WooThemes, Soul Brother records, or Sportdio

Want to join the line of successful eCommerce stores already? Let’s start with building your own professional online store with WooCommerce.

This infographic will sum up the initial steps of setting your WooCommerce online store with WordPress. You can absolutely handle them all by yourself.

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Some notes you need to know when setting up your store with WooCommerce

# Note 1: If you deactivate or delete WooCommerce from the WordPress admin panel, you will delete all the WooCommerce settings, database tables, and all pages created before. Be careful.
# Note 2: If you want to update WooCommerce new version, remember to back up your site as well as the WordPress database. Then go to WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> WooCommerce to update.

# Note 3: Always go for the reliable hosting services from the first place. Your website should be safe and secure to provide the most comfortable purchase for customers at any time.

# Note 4:If you’re looking for WooCommerce Theme to get started, WooRockets Team has built a great one called Nitro theme which combine best practices when building WooCommerce store.

Read our blog of hosting review in 2014 to help you choose the most suitable WordPress hosting service.

Wrapping up,

Every incredible journey starts with small steps. I hope you find this pocket guide to setup WooCommerce store really helpful.

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