[Infographic] 5 Things About WordPress Security You Thought You Knew

Talk about WordPress security, there are so many warnings, tips, best practices as well as best WordPress security plugin compilations for you. What I usually see is, there are tips like:

You must hide the WordPress version you’re using so hackers will find it more difficult to hack your website.

You are safe from hackers just by installing a 5-star rated WordPress security plugin and do some best practices.


Your website is hosted by a cheap hosting, that has nothing to do with the safety of your website.

I myself believedthose tips above logical and right for a long time. However, it seems that not all WordPress experts tell me the same thing. So, look at the infographic below and check out the “myths” to see if those points are convincing for you. It looks a little spooky but doesn’t it match with me “myths” we’re talking about?

I’d like to especially thank Chris Lema for his inspiring opinion on WordPress security too.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below to argue with me if you have different opinion. And you have the share buttons right there to share this infographic with your network!

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by Vivian Vu

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