Infographic: 5 Helpful Tips To Boost WordPress Security

WordPress websiteis your own property, where you can show your professionalism and gain profits.

Of course, you will not want a hacker to break into your own “house” and mess up your life, huh? Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Take preparations for the sake of WordPress securityright away!

In this post today, we will cover 5 helpful tips for you to build a thick wall against WordPress hackers. Enjoy!

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Tip #1: Use secure hosting

Secure hosting is a very important factor to harden your WordPress security. These are features of secure hosting that you should look for:

  • Support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions
  • Account isolation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion detecting system

Hosting solutions: Use hosting from company with strong security measures.

Tip #2: Control Uploading Files From Users

Controling uploading files from users prevents a security threat to your website. Malicious files should be limited by these ways:

  • Prevent users from executing files they upload
  • Prevent direct upload of files altogether
  • Make sure you use secure transport methods such as SFTP or SSH for websites allowing users to upload images directly from the Internet

Tip #3: Use custom secret keys

Some common mistakes you may make with your WordPress login:

  • Login with user admin name
  • Use default password
  • Never reset your passwords

Something too predictable and simple is not good for WordPress security. If you don’t want hackers have a access to your site, start using custom secret keys right now.

Toolsfor you:

Better WP Securityis plugin from Ithemes. It canhide common WordPress security vulnerabilities and keep attackers away from sensitive areas like your site’s login or admin.

Tip #4: Do backups regularly

Backup can help you restore your data in an unexpected case. So, it is better to:

  • Do backup on a daily/weekly or monthely basis
  • Build a backup plan or use a back up service

Tools for WordPress backups:

Backup BuddyandVaultPressare premium tools, but you will get what you pay for, they are really backup solutions for your WordPress website.

WithWordPress Backup to Dropbox, a free choice, you can have your site backuped and your files stored in Dropbox.

WordPress Duplicatoris a free tool which helps you migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another.

Tip #5: Stay updated

Why I say you should stay updated? WordPress as well as themes or plugins providers often upgrade them on a regular basis. The new version is more complete than the older ones. So if you don’t update, hackers know the sucurity hole in your site and it sucks! To stay updated, remember two things:

  • Update new release of WordPress
  • Follow lastest update of themes and plugins

Tools to keep your WordPress website updated:

WordPress Updates Notifierplugin will send email to notify you if there are any updates for your WordPress site such as core, plugin and theme updates.

InfiniteWP Clientis a useful tool for you to installmultiple plugins & themes on multiple sites simultaneouslyfrom a central dashboard.Of course its update function is great, too.

I am sure that with only five simple preparation steps you can make your WordPress website more secure.

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Featured Image: InnoGears

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