How To Choose Good Premium WordPress Themes For Your Blog A Complete Guide

Theme is the first impression of your blog on visitors; also, its structure has an influence on SEO. Once you consider blogging as a professional career and intend to invest in premium WordPress theme, you have to know how to optimize it.

In this post of our WordPress Blog, I will cover things to do before, during and after choosing good premium WordPress themes for your blog.

Defining the purpose of your blog

Many WordPress themes are versatile and can be used for any purpose. However, others are created for a specific field. The look and feel of the theme will reflect the values of your product or business. Define what your blog is about and find the most suitable theme. What happens if you have a Tech blog but you use a fashion WordPress theme? Your readers will be confused.

To choose a theme matching with your business, prepare a list of things you want and then narrow the list. Mindmap is a very effective tool for you to brainstorm this list. From the list of themes you find, choose those which look and perform the best.

Choosing a suitable layout

Before picking a theme for your blog, you have to draw the layout it will have. There are many blog template layouts for you to choose from: one-column, two-column, three-column, magazine, portfolio, resume, etc.

One important thing to bear in mind when choosing layouts for a blog is advertisement. In the future, you may put ads on your blog so your theme should have a good place for them. Trying to put ads in themes that are not intended for them may create a confusing feeling for customers.

For example, Mashable is listed in the top blogs; it has a beautiful homepage with 3 noticeable columns and interior space for ads.

Mashable Blog with three noticeable columns

PremiumWordPressThemes From Reliable Resources

It is well known that many free themes are not good and can contain malicious code and links that makes it easy for hackers. This is the same situation with premium WordPress themes with unknown origins.

If you don’t want to pay for a mess, choose premium WordPressthemes from

Reliable theme directories

Reputable theme provider

Anyone can make a theme or template with a price tag on it. That’s the reason why you have to choose themes from designers with a track record of creating great designs. Doing so ensures your blog theme will work correctly and include the best features and functionality.

Finally, after choosing from a reliable source, don’t forget to take a look at the support forum. This will enable you to check how actively the theme provider supports users; you can anticipate the scenario where you pay for a theme and need support.

PremiumWordPress Themes With Correct SEO Structure

Why do you need a SEO-friendly theme? It helps your blog to be found, read, and indexed more easily by search engines. Here are some outstanding features of themes with correct SEO structure:

  • Error-free code
  • Guidelines of Search Engine (tags, meta description, header tags, etc.)
  • Speed optimization: loading speed can increase or lower visitors to your site.

Use these tools to check your theme for SEO features:

ResponsivePremiumWordPress Themes

According to 5 Blogging Trends That Will Shape 2014, mobile interfaces are going mainstream. This is actually true. Every ecommerce website owner is making their website ‘go mobile’ and so are bloggers. To be straightforward, this trend not only affects the ways you write your blog post to be formatted readably on mobiles, but affects your choice of themes, too. It’s a certainty that your WordPress theme for a blog must be mobile-optimized.

The Terms of Service ofPremiumWordPress Themes

The Terms of Service

Every theme provider doesn’t have the same terms of service. When reading these terms, you may be extremely confused about what are intended for you.

Bear these questions in mind may help you out:

Intellectual Property: Almost premium WordPress themes have theme provider’s copyright on it. So find out whether you can remove from code of the copyright or remove from sight in the footer of this theme.

Refund Policy: How many days after purchasing can you request refunding if you don’t like the themes?

Modifications: Do you have rights to modify the themes? If yes, to what extent can you modify them? Whether can you turn to theme provider for support after making modification?

Technical support:If you buy directly from theme provider, also theme designer, you will get technical support from him. But some theme stores likeShopifyaccept no responsibility to provide such support. It may be able to help you contact the designer. So it’s the thing you should consider before buying premium themes.

Reading the terms of services and having answers to four important things certainly help you to decide which themes to buy.

Installing WordPress premium themes

Well done! You have go through many steps to carefully choose the best premium theme for your blog. Now it’s time to install and optimize it.

Before changing the old theme to lovely new premium one, take care with your side bar, RSS, backup files, maintenance mode, testing all plugins, etcOne critical thing to do is to inform your readers to get bug reports.

After installing the theme, you haven’t seen the example content as seen in the theme demo. It is possibly due to the fact that you have not use the home page template or your reading settings are wrong. Fix them and see!

You can take two articles as references; it is very specific about problems during installing themes and troubleshooting.

Having installed successfully, it’s a good idea to learn how to make full use of premium WordPress themes for your blog. Have you found premium WordPressthemes for your blog and installed them successfully?

Feel free to share with me and other fellows here about any problems you faced during your work. I can’t wait to have conversation with you guys on how we’ve experienced and dealing with premium themes.

by Scarlett Nguyen

I have a passion for writing and came to content marketing by chance but i love it and want to unlock my potentials for it!

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