How to Create a Stunning Homepage for Your WordPress Fashion Store

If you work in fashion, you must know the importance of appearance. A website homepage acts as a person’s appearance, and it creates the first impression that the customers will have to your store. So how to make this impression rock? We have conducted our research on more than 350 fashion stores and found out some recurring features that these websites all have. Followed are the essentials you must have on the homepage of your WordPress fashion website to keep customers coming back.

Main promotion highlighted to catch the attention of buyers

The first thing that catches your eyes when you visit any online store is their promotion program. According to a survey on online purchase behavior, 56% said that sales and discounts program did influence their buying decisions. Therefore, be sure to place the hottest promotion program right on the homepage of your fashion store WordPress theme, so your customers won’t miss it.

main promotion on wordpress fashion store homepage

Flannels holiday sales program covers the full size of their homepage.

If you have several promotions program going on at the same time, consider using a slider instead of a static photo. A slider will create a dynamic look to your WordPress fashion homepage and shows the customers your store’s overall style.


Boutique 1 uses a slider to promote for multiple sales programs.

Almost all WooCommerce themes allow you to customize your main promotions both ways. To increase the number of clicks on your banner, besides placing the banner in the middle of the page, you should also know some visual and copywriting tips.

  • Use attractive photos: Big and focused photos work best. Choose photos that shows your product clearly.
  • Focus on the number: If you are running a sales program, make sure you highlight the sales percentage or lowest possible price.
  • Write a compelling call-to-action: A great promotion program is enough to attract buyers, but some copywriting tricks might help, too. Avoid using lengthy call-to-action. Instead, just use the short and sweet phrase: “Shop now.”


Secondary banners to other promotions

Less attractive promotions such as those for specific product types can appear as secondary banners. Customers like clear and concrete sales message, so one way to do that is to break down your main program into smaller ones. For example, Peppermayo is running a 25% off all their products. Beside the main promotion, they also place secondary promotions that will lead customers to particular product types, such as shoes, or best-sellers.

secondary banners on wordpress fashion store homepagePeppermayo places their secondary promotions banner right under their main promotion.

Last Season is doing the same thing, but they run nine banners at the same time, showing discounts of different clothing and accessories lines they are having on their page. These banners reduce customers’ time and effort in finding out the specifications of the sales program. They will know how many percents off for each of the types just by scrolling down the homepage.

secondary banners on wordpress fashion store homepage

Last Season showcases nine banners to different promotions.

This banner customization can be done easily with our fashion store WordPress themes found here.

Instagram feed to showcase your best looks (optional)

Instagram is a fashion store’s best friend. Your shoppers are very likely to have an Instagram account. Therefore, showcasing your Instagram images is a good way to engage customers and increase the number of followers.

Our statistic shows that the rate of e-commerce shop with a gallery for their Instagram photos is as high as 40% for women fashion. So be sure to save space for your Instagram feedon your fashion store WordPress theme.

instagram feed on wordpress fashion store homepageEsther’s Instagram feed

Esther has a separate section on their homepage just for Instagram photos. The number of likes and comments will appear when you hover your mouse over, which urges you to click on the picture and visit their Instagram account. They also call for photo submission by telling you to use hashtag #estherboutique.

If you already have so much information on your homepage and just want the customers to focus on your WordPress fashion site without directing them to another platform, you can also put your Instagram feed in the footer.

instagram feed footer on wordpress fashion store homepage

One of our fashion store WordPress themes allows you to have Instagram feed in the footer.

Links to special products, new arrivals and specific product categories right from the homepage (optional)

The number of items on your WordPress fashion site may overwhelm your customers. Therefore, it is crucial to make it easy for visitors to look at your best products quickly. You can do that by adding links to unique products, new arrivals or specific categories several times right in your WordPress fashion homepage.

Many stores add links to new arrivals or particular product categories that they want to promote right in the main slider. Some put them in the secondary banners. Other add them in their mega menu. But most of them do all! Just so the customers can navigate your site easily.

Let’s have a look at how you can do this in a fashion store WordPress theme.

mega menu on wordpress fashion store homepage

Links to new arrivals and different categories in the mega menu in ourfashion store WordPress theme.

slider on wordpress fashion store homepage

Links to new collection appear in the slider of the homepage.

link to new arrivals on wordpress fashion store homepage

Banners to new arrival appear alongside with banners to specific product lines.


That’s it. Those are the homepage essentials you must have for your fashion store WordPress theme. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have any request on what I should write next, let me know.

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