A Guide To Creating A WordPress Website That Rocks

When the world is driven by Internet Marketing, website becomes more and more popular among businesses. Websites are where businesses can introduce about themselves and where potential customers find products and leave their feedbacks.

To be successful, you have to be in-the-know about how to make your website bring benefits for your own business.Basing on this, I will make a guide to help optimize your website for users, which will fall into four main points:

1. Make good design
2. Focus on the copywriting issues
3. Make your website load fast
4. Make effective web navigation

Follow our guide to see how you can make a website that everyone loves. Keep a notebook with you to write down the outstanding tips.

1. Make good website design

Responsive Design: 2013 was the year of Responsive design and this trend has continued in the first quarter of 2014. The increase in smartphone users to surf Web has issued demand for the website design trend which fits both on a desktop and on the screen of a smartphone. Responsive design will help to increase reach to tablet and mobile audiences and then boost sales and conversion rates too.

Responsive website design from Mashable.com

Along with Responsive Design, Minimal and Flat design has remained dominant since the 2010s. Minimalist design began Switzerland in the 1920s, but it only became an ‘international’ style after the 1950s. Minimalist Design focuses on detail, precision and craft skills. Even if you don’t choose to pursue a minimalist aesthetic, the lessons here surely can help you simplify your design: Put the most important content to the forefront. Good designers are not the ones who can fill a whole site with stuff, but those who know how to select only the few important elements and forget about the rest. Besides, minimize the number of colors and optimize the most powerful ones.

Microsoft Windows a typical example uses Minimal and Flat design

If you are very pro designer with good artistic taste, you can do this by yourselves, but with a lower level technical knowledge, you can turn to other effective supporting tools like Minimalist WordPress Themes or Minimalist WordPress Plugins.

2. Focus on the copywriting issues

To make your website rock, copywriting issues are as much important as design issues. Maybe your work is only in the back-end zone but you also need writings skills because of many reasons. Read more about reasons why developers and designers learn to write and then you will decide to follow my guide or not.

  • Do research before reading: Before you start writing, collect ideas and trends of your readers from forums, blogs, social mediaetc.
  • Remain focus on the target readers: Write about the solutions to your readers’ issues or hottest trends they are concerned about.
  • Give a strong call to action: Assuming that you’ve written a brilliantly persuasive page, it’s still pointless without a strong call to action. In the real world of Web marketing, visitors want to be led. If they have to stop and think about how to take the next step, you’ve already lost them. CTAs generally fall into one offour types: Place an order; Enroll, subscribe, enter; Get a quote; Learn more.

  • Get a Pro to proofread for your writing: You will find your own errors and make your writings better next time.
  • Optimize Keywords for Search Engines: In case you are a pro at web development and designing, you want to give tutorials for the newbies, so you have to learn something about optimizing keywords for Search Engine to make your content popular.

In a nutshell, having writing skill certainly helps you much to make your website complete and make yourselves step up in the future career.

3. Make your website load faster

According to info graphic about “How loading time affects your bottom lines”, it is shown that most of visitors (30%) will abandon a page if it takes 6-10 seconds to wait for loading. The ideal time for your WordPress site to load is from 2 to 4 seconds. So how can you measure the loading speed of your website? Here are two tools that you can use:

Google webmaster tools: With this, you can check your site load time monthly.

Google Analytics Plugin by Yoast: it includes the Site Speed feature that helps you to measure your site speed and make a speed statistic with different parts of the worlds and browsers.

It is undeniable that the faster your website loads, the more traffic you will gain, so it’s high time for you to concentrate on this work to make your website more advantageous.

To get more knowledge about increasing loading site speed, you can find two more references:
15 tips to speed up your website from Moz

6 Ways to Increase Page Load Speed for SEO from Socialmediatoday

4. Make effective website navigation

A website with good navigation will make visitors in the right place without any confusion. Effective web navigation will give the visitor a clear idea about what he/she can find in the website. Here are so small tips to do so:

  • Maintain a link back to your home page
  • Use Back to Top links on all long pages with multiple sections
  • Make your website navigation descriptive: Replace generic labels like Products or Service by what exact products you provide to save visitors’ clicks.
  • Keep as few items as possible in your navigation: With fewer menu items, your visitors will focus more on them and not be distracted. Try to limit your navigation to five items.
  • Use text-based links rather than button-based navigation: Firstly, buttons are harder to update than links. Moreover, buttons are not search-friendly, because the text within is invisible to search engines.

Sweatvac with descriptive and short labels

Are you clear about these ideas? I want to summarize them before saying goodbye to you: To make your WordPress website rock, remain in-the-know: good design, copywriting issues, loading speed and website navigation. Don’t hesitate to invest in these things because they will certainly bring sales for you.

One last thing, don’t forget to turn to powerful tools for your websites like Minimalist WordPress Themes or Minimalist WordPress Plugins.

by Scarlett Nguyen

I have a passion for writing and came to content marketing by chance but i love it and want to unlock my potentials for it!

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